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Posted by pancho ( on February 10, 2002 at 18:49:44:

In their Fine Arts section there are eight messages, the last one from over a year ago. They asked me way back before I got rabies to be some sort of mascot over there. They thought they would get deep thoughts or something to flesh out the paucity of comments or interest in their site...the art part.

I did post a few times and sent pictures of sculpture with a dread that they would set up a little "gallery" tour for me. For better or worse we had an instant falling out over a post in which I took apart some words as I enjoy doing occasionally. I said among other things that "embarrass" must have come about from the conjunction of "bare" and "ass"...since having a bare ass in public would indeed be "embarrassing".

I got pissed and was somewhat surprised when their program automatically X'd out "ass" from my sentance...though it left those three noble letters intact in the word "embarrASSed".

Sargon's suggestion (there is always a Sargon) was that I refrain from using "bad" language and stick to the lofty variety instead...as he assured me I was capable of doing. When asked then why the noble little word is a part of our own name, as in ASSyrians, and how I should deal with the word itself when refering to a donkey...and pointed out that in his own holy book it says ..."the Lord tied his ass to a tree and approached"...a miracle if ever there was one...he replied that I could say "jackass" instead of ass...even though ASS is in the Bible.

I decided they were a bunch of JackAssyrians and left in a huff. Today it's as barren as it ever was...as it and we will ever be, so long as we insist on apperarances instead of the real thing.

Nations and students and dance companies get good and great at what they do by taking on the rough and tumble of Life...by being unafraid to risk damage and ill health and shocking the children and horses. You can't get anything but tepid piss by prancing around Life in fear that you might get a little dirty. And look at us...incapable of carrying on a passionate debate without fainting dead away.

Assrins indeed!

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