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Posted by pancho ( on February 10, 2002 at 19:47:40:

I just read her blurb about me gossiping, that it was none of my business or ours about Peter etc. I don't agree. It would be true if he were a private person instead of someone who not only posts his slanders against Kurds and Muslims and Iraqis...all of them God's chillin...but makes statements with no factual basis UNTIL one understands his personal problems with things that "sound" Kurdish or Muslim.

Certainly he was dead wrong when he said the Shumirum Monument was of no concern to anyone but me, and it was all about me getting paid. He doesn't have to back a statement like that up...just posts it and then deletes any response. This penchant for leaving up your own "noble" writings while deleting any responses, as if there is NO possible cowardly and reprehensible.

We are talking about real issues, real lives being lost, real efforts to educate our own people and alert our neighbors as to our existence with all the ramifications that has for our continued anonymity or recognition in the world community...the one gleefully killing us along with others it means to kill.

This goes far beyond gossip or titting for tatting. We are a funny lot...we take immense political movements and forces of history and turn those into a petulant cry of..."they don't like us"! Then we take our personal nasties and try to make world wide policy out of them. Our "nasties" are all these writers and Hysterians and experts and "papers" and Martyr rallies...these are things that should never see the light of damn embarrassing are they.

Peter's dislike of all things Muslim and Kurdish sounding is certainly relevant when you realize it is based on something as seemingly silly as the fact that a Kurd might have snuck over the wall of the family compound back when.

Between the lines of his "dismay" and "concern" for his sister, one sees that he still thinks it was a humiliating thing she did...when it wasn't at all. If this is no one's business then her marriage wasn't any of Peter's business either, especially as he had already distanced himself from the entire family by changing his name three years earlier.

It isn't his sister at all that I was talking about...I said it didn't matter what prompted him...just that he did such a thing...for which there can be no good reason. And it would indeed be no one's business except he makes his petty and prejudicial views on Islam and Iraq and Kurds based solely on whatever annoys him so much at such a deeply personal level that he changes his name...and uses his personal gripes to determine what can and cannot be said by people on what he continues to call a "forum" when it is no such thing. Let's all clean up our acts...I will go first.

Peter, unfuck you.

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