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Posted by pancho ( on February 11, 2002 at 08:46:35:

In Reply to: Re: The American Taliban Fighter posted by Sam.D. on February 11, 2002 at 07:43:06:

: Yes, well that's all good and well, but what about Simele?!?!?

++++This Simele business is a telling episode...more for what it has come to mean afterwards than for what actually happened. It can't be that we are torn apart because innocent Assyrians were gunned down in cold many of our people maintain. If we were to get upset at the fact that at any time, anywhere...any number of Assyrians died tragic and senseless deaths we would be outraged at what has been going on in Iraq for the last 12 years.

Instead we get Hysterians arguing about the number REALLY killed through Sanctions and the Gulf War. Aprim says it might be one a day, NOT SEVEN. Add just one a day up for 365 days and you get...? Multiply that times 12 and you have more dead Assyrians than in Simele. The difference is that these Assyrians are being killed by Christians and the others were killed by the dreaded Muslims.

Or you have that Ghazal fellow saying that the Sanctions are helping make Iraq a better place because they will stop Saddam from killing us off...he doesn't have to. It isn't murdered Assyrians that matter at all to the "Simele types"...for they seem content enough to allow any number of us, children foremost, to be killed off without uttering a sound of protest. What these people are concerned with is slamming all Muslims for what some did...

The Assyrians of Iraq were warned by leaders in their own community not to engage in the kinds of practices that would anger the Iraqi government, especially not at the behest of the British, who had just recently left us out to dry again. I can just imagine the kind of Assrin Patrots who insisted Iraq was "their" country and the damn Muslims had better go back where they came from.

We need a good investigation into Simele...and then into the Sanctions and why it is that our people will cry for any Assyrian killed by a Muslim, but quibble and turn their backs on any one of us US!

In Law, if you hire someone to kill another you are just as culpable as the one who pulled the trigger...of the gun your taxes bought for him.

note to Lulia: I will not go get my knees hugged and make it easier for you to date on Friday nights.

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