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Posted by Alli ( on February 11, 2002 at 15:47:48:

In Reply to: Re: posted by pancho on February 11, 2002 at 15:13:50:

>>>: Im afraid that these guys dont "get it" either....or they are playing dumb for another reason. Anyone who thanks Colin Powell for anything...or still expects the Unites States to be an"Honest Broker" has got to be kidding himself...or us. Colin Powell has made a lifetime career out of killing innocent dark people, usually babies and children...for this he is a HERO and now a STATESMAN?

how many emails have i sent ADC bitching about just that - this stupid fawning? but it's more for the sake of diplomacy, i think, that they are saying these things... though i DOUBT diplomacy works... i keep yelling at them to make sure that promises made to them by US gov't officials don't contradict those promises made to other interest groups... prolly a lot of people write them with the same sentiment...

>>>: Do away with these speakers who just happen to sound like every white guys worst fear of just what a Terrorist would sound like...and look like too if you put a towel on his head. Arabs are sincere people...they are honest and naive to a fault. They may haggle and drive a sharp bargain over a rug or brass pot, but they know squat about how to market ideas and ideals and play the game of style and appearances and plausible deniability and the rest of the stuff Americans are atuned to.

EXACTLY!!! American politicians are the biggest back-stabbers & sell-outs - i SWEAR you'd have to hold a blunt wooden butter knife to a politician's testicles around here just to get what you want - & even in the end, it may not work - if they're paid enough money (which corporations surely have tons of), they'd gladly lose their testicles, suffer the splinters, & buy another pair...

perhaps this is a good reason why "straight thinking" Assyrian-Americans should start influencing & working alongside their "Arab" cohorts/friends... & run those statistics by me again - exactly how many ethnically Christian "Arabs" are over here in the States compared to how many Muslim "Arabs"?...

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