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Posted by pancho ( on February 12, 2002 at 12:44:50:

Once again...and this is important...there was no slander on his sister...not unless you consider marrying whomever you choose and getting unmarried a slur on ones character. How backwards can you be?

The arrow was aimed at Peter...and it was aimed at him because he aims so many at Islam and Kurds and Arabs and Moslems and Iraqis and anyone who wishes to discuss these things in ways he can't tolerate.

The point was to show how someone's personal prejudice can masquerade as an "analysis" of just the Facts etc. This Arab "bashing" does our people back home no good and a lot of harm...and I believe that is exactly its purpose. It is as if only by the presence of those few remaining Assyrians and Chaldeans can we lay any claim to what is "ours". And if those left there are allowed to live in peace with their Muslim neighbors...the entire raisn de Erte for being Assrin Patrots is gone.

So long as there are any of our people there, it seems these guys want to make their lives as difficult as possible, even inciting the Muslims to take some form of unjust, or better yet, brutal action against that the world and we, NEVER FORGET! After would it look if our people prospered and were welcomed as full fledged citizens of Iraq. Where would that leave all of those who can't seem to forget anything...or like Peter, get over the fact that somewhere back there, some Assyrian relative of his found a man named Jassim appealing enough to jump the family compound for.

If this is what fuels these Patrots from hell...then it needs to be exposed. It would be just like someone that mealy mouthed to then hide behind his sister and raise sanctimonious cries of how he is so SHOCKED that anyone would mention this, that he leaves it up get at ME! What happened for his concern over his sister? It went by the board long ago, about the same time he turned his back on his family...and then our people in Iraq.

If you are going to blast people's religions and monuments and motives and writings and prepared to defend your own pronouncements and ideas.

Patriotism is the final refuge of the is being shocked at a family member's pain...after you yourself have denied the entire letting the world and them know...that their name is not worthy of YOU.

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