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Posted by Jeff ( on February 12, 2002 at 23:52:29:

In Reply to: hey, i have that book, too! i knew there was a reason why we got along! posted by Alli on February 12, 2002 at 23:16:01:

: YOU think YOUR life is sucky??? by Ashur, i could easily make your life sound like a warm day snoozing in the sun (or "Son" for those Christians out there)! i got stuck dogsitting in neurotic suburbia land for no $, doomed to die from inhaled sqeaky toys & dog fur, & i have a test that i would like to get done at some point in the near future (not that it counts for a grade, but i really ought to be kissing ass in my dept. right now). & today i had a near-quarter life crisis/seizure/spasm as i realized just how pathetic & delusional the whole : of middle class America (not to mention the upper : class) really is, & how nothing i do will ever : count for anything - nada - dew.

>> >> Ok, well (Fred might poke fun at me for writing this but...) one of the reasons that I am undecided about my major is what you just described above... kind of. I mean, at first I was EE (Electrical Engineering), and I know plenty of Electrical Engineers who worked for Detroit Edison or Ford for 40 years... they made good money, and are now comfortably retired... but do I want to do that? Does that interest me at all? My first digital electronics class taught me the answer to that question... you said it... "nada". Physics seemed interesting to me... still does. There's a potential here for me to do something that I enjoy (so far)... and if I get good enough, I could actually use my "training" (I won't call it an education) for good purposes, being helping others, the environment, or... something. So, while you may think that nothing you ever do will "count for anything"... think again... if you can help one person (well, that's kind of low.. you want to help lots of people but...) than it was worth it. If I can use my knowledge... or whatever you want to call it... skills... to do good, I may not be an Einstein, or even remembered, but I will have made a difference, I think... keep reading.

: ok, so i don't have much to complain of, actually - the dogs are just adorable & fluffy... wes we wis, waren't we?... the satelite TV is JUST great, the limitless supply of soft drinks, the neighbors whose houses are so close to this one that it feels like i take my showers with them, too, the nice middle-aged men who stare at me when i walk the dogs & try to make cute comments... isn't this the life? what else would i want? objectify & dominate me, please!!! i'm yours for the taking, at least while my boyfriend's across town! just kidding. woo...

>> >> Three minutes of driving on Orchard Lake Road... just 2 miles from my house... will make you wish that you had a gun, and a flamethrower to neutralize the snob assholes in their cars (which, by the way, the majority of which are worth more than $50k) who see you as an obstacle between them and wherever they are going... and that's all you are worth...keep reading

: what i really wanted to say was - please don't talk about Bibles. it's too painful for me - kinda like thinking about an ex. i feel jaded, manipulated, & lied too. & i've decided that shinto is the way to go, for me. let me rot in peace - i don't care about going nowhere after this life! let me try to do something to help people out with this life, not the next. i'm tired of this life being so crummy. if i end up going to heaven or hell - i'll worry about that when i get there. one step at a time, baby. one step at a time...

>> >> Ok, here's why I made the Bible reference: First, the book is as thick as your standard Gidgeon's bible (I said Gideons and not St. James because of the beatles... Rocky Racoon)... it's "gold colored" pages and that ribbon which tells you which page you are on... all reminded me of a bible... physically. Then, there's Gibran's writing. If he's not criticizing the church, or Christians, he is writing about the afterlife, or God, or ... something religious sounding... I just read a poem which seemed to contradict all others... it basically said that God was man made... just like Fred always says... it's like He (Khalil Gibran) understands Christianity better than any priest or Christian that I ever spoke to... on a much higher level than I can comprehend.

So, sorry, but I had to mention it... again... too bad. Just don't hurt me for it, please.


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