"Diasporic People"???? Peter gets misty eyed...

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Posted by pancho ( on February 13, 2002 at 20:34:26:

know we are trying very hard to unite our diasporic nation, but let's not get carried away.

+++Does he mean dyspeptic...could these be the famous Assyrians "Still in the Diapers" we hear so much about?

A lot of people are using "Assyriac"

+++Old Soviet era trick..."a lot of people", means no one is using it at all...that's Peter's way of making you THINK a lot of people are using it and therefore his post just happens to address a "pressing" issue. Instead, and like the Gassman, it is a divisive device, a pseudo "concern" that he himself introduces to get these guys chasing their tails again...he does that whenever there isn't any activity on the black aina...and at times when people are voting for most popular site.

+++Please...DON'T vote for this one...we attract enough questionable types already. Yeah YOU!

for the name of our language. This is catchy, but really does more harm than good, because it is removed from the name of our people and our land and country (Assyria).

+++Peter dear...you don't HAVE a country...you haven't had an Assyria for quite some time. Get over it! Your country is now America.

I suggest the following. In non-scientific discourse, let us use the following terms (in English, of course):

+++Good God...can you imagine a "scientific discourse" between these guys?

Modern Assyrian (neo-Syriac) Classical Assyrian (Syriac) Ancient Assyrian (Akkadian)

In scientific discourse, we can use the names in parentheses. Personally, I would use the following in scientific discourse:

+++Personally, and if I were you? I'd shut up.

neo-Syriac (Modern Assyrian) Syriac (Classical Assyrian) Akkadian (Ancient Assyrian)

These names can be suitably translated to other languages where no naming traditions exists.

In Assyrian, we would say

Lishana khata (Modern Assyrian) Lishana ateeqa/ktobonoyo (Classical Assyrian) Lishana akkadaya (Ancient Assyrian)

(we don't need to add 'atoraya' because that is implied).

++++We don't need that entire post...I just brought it over to prove the point. These guys must get paid by the mindless word. After more than a year, they are right back where they were when I stepped into this loony bin. What name to call themselves...what name to call the language...what name to replace your own name with...who did what to who, when and where. It will never end...because none of them get off their asres and do anything about anything. They don't need to for they have defined "activist" as someone who moans, bitches, and PROTESTS!

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