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Posted by pancho ( on February 14, 2002 at 09:07:18:

In Reply to: what ABC News says posted by Alli on February 14, 2002 at 08:51:29:

Bush will NOT send troops into Iraq!

What they will do is encourage some opposition groups into believing the Americans are serious about helping them...this happened before. Then, when these people raise their heads just enough...they will be left out to dry...murdered first, then left to dry rot.

It must mean that there really is some serious opposition to Saddam, well Duh! and this is their way of getting rid of it. Unless of course they are done with him and it really IS time for him to go...which I doubt as gasoline hasn't been this low in years. There is much more to gain for US zillionaires from instability in the MidEast than peace and prosperity...witness the early 70's when OPEC had some unified clout and Americans were standing in line...for ANYTHING...but especially not for gasoline for their beloved CARS!

There is no need to murder any number of innocent peasants in Third World or prosperous nations around the need to do it to afford Mr and Mrs America the lives they lead. This is an extremely wealthy nation, in every way. This mayhem is perpetuated around the world to make American businessmen obscenely rich...the net results of which do not trickle down to the average Jane and Joe.

When that shirt factory was closed down in Ohio, the people thrown out of work and onto our assistance rolls, the money for which comes from the same people tossed out...and that factory moved to Indonesia to be "manned" by young girls chained to sewing machines and subjected to the abuse of shop stewards and what not...the price of shirts at the local store did not go down one penny. If anything it went up! The argument for moving the factories abroad was that the cost of operation was was left to our weak heads to imagine this was intended to save us a dime. Instead the profit margin for the boss just increased substantially, while back at home the same shirt cost us even more...and we lost productivity and got wasted towns and closed factories and everyone working as servants in a new "Service" oriented climate.

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