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Posted by pancho ( on February 14, 2002 at 13:54:31:

Ya gotta follow this stuff carefully. I been studying these people for over a year and I begin to see how they compliment each one guy puts out a "statement"...and another is already poised for the "answer"...and they hope then to drag other "informed" opinion in...when all along it's just a silly effort to propagandize.

+++In this new case of "Assyriac"...they are acting as if this has been a raging debate, in hopes that it will be. Then this guy posts some "thought provoking" challenges and heaves big squishy sighs about how he thought we were ready to do "this", but it is so sad etc etc.

I thought we were in the middle of a nationalistic movement.

+++We are in so such thing. We are in the middle of destroying our ancient Homelands, the heart and soul of the ancient Assyrians, a land still filled with so many undiscovered proofs of what a great civilization we had. There is no movement of any kind and Peter and the rest of them know it. This Assyriac business is another and a secular version of what the Church has done for it's Peter's turn.

But I guess when one of our people tries to do whats righteous everyone goes soft.

+++This is supposed to be a challenge to our sense of gratitude, or even our basic understanding. Who is he refering to? Is he now going to start us thinking that Peter is "righteous"? You don't suppose I "slimed" him too much do you?

Why not call it Assyriac its distinguishes our people, our cause, from that of any others.

+++It also makes even bigger fools of us by introduing another "hot" topic for rabbit and duck season. We can go off on this topic for another year at least...while Iraq burns and our people continue to more candidate for the name to put on our tombstone...and remember, most of these people want us dead...if we can't be ONLY Christian...or, HAVE to live among the dreaded Muslims...the ones that made such a bad poet out of Righteous Pete.

If your going to be a politician and use the Syriac terminology then so be it. But if you want to move forward as a culture than it is only fitting to use Assyriac as our common language.

+++How obvious can you get? No wonder the Soviets wore bad suits. Okay he says...if you want to be sneaky and a a low life, go ahead. But if you want to be the as he tells you.

I'd rather walk through hell with my Assyrian people than go to heaven with my enemy.

+++And here you have the crux of it all. It's the same as the "Better Dead than Red" slogan they had in the 50's, but the same weak attempt to convince people death is preferable to a life they don't approve of for you.

+++This guy and Peter and Firas and the rest, not only would prefer to walk through hell with "their" Assyrian people...but he is prepared to TAKE them force them there if he has to, rather than suffer the indignity of having them live in peace with what he has decided have to be our enemies forever.

+++Take a walk down King Sargon Block...that's close enough to walking through hell with your Assyrian people. I will make peace with my the Jew said we should all do...and Ashur before him.

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