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Posted by pancho ( on February 15, 2002 at 13:33:01:

In Reply to: Re:Fredyoyo posted by Stella on February 15, 2002 at 11:05:09:

Here we go again. I will not explore his sister's marriage any further...I will not quote people who know him a lot better than you or I do...or he does apparently. I also don't make "fun" of people for the fun of it. Peter and Firas and the rest of them are as much involved and eager as the Busheys are in creating havoc for Muslims everywhere.

It isn't only the people who "shoot the kids"...and it isn't only the people who buy the guns and bullets to give the soldiers to shoot the kids begins with a citizenry that is primed and prepared, lied to and terrified... that begins the process. And it is indeed important to show that there are personal motives of malice behind some ignoramouses views on a topic he presents as "Objective" fact.

It helps to know that Klansmen hate Blacks...when you want to study their "racial" views. Peter is a dyed in the wool Racist and Bigot...and his claims to any professional knowledge, scholaraly knowledge or any other knowledge BUT that someone snuck over the wall some generations back is the ONLY knowledge he has to base his wild hair up his arse assertions about Muslims...which leads to real harm being done to real people.

If I was mistaken about the reason for the name change...I was not about the feelings that prompted the change. He did not bother to address that...what happened to Facts? Why change it at all?

You consistently fail to mention that as you read me the riot act about NOT GOSSIPING!

How about not enciting people to HATRED!!

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