Re: Fred Aprim's "Protest" letter

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Posted by parhad ( on October 04, 2001 at 00:31:39:

In Reply to: Fred Aprim's "Protest" letter posted by Jeff on October 03, 2001 at 22:36:41:

There are any number of people among us who have read all the same books, heard the same arguments...and some reject his claim and some reject what. Those who would seek to divide us, whatever the reason, wherever the "fact", however many the sources and books and articles...have one thing in common...they will not do anything to address any of the many current and vital issues facing us. Of all those issues, the most critical is the disaffection we breed among our Youth, largely due to just these pointless exercises...that and the foolish behavior and pompous demeanor of our putrid and putative leaders and their Bingo jingo mentality.

While everyone else engaged in real work understands how important hearts and hands are to achieving any task, this man seeks to establish a "purity" and conciseness which not only exists nowhere else, but is mind-numbing and meaningless...good for lab exercises and not much help when dealing in the world. We need ALL the people who are from us and of us, we can get...and it matters not a damn who or what they call themselves. I know for a FACT that Aprim can't possibly BE Assyrian, as I know Hajjar isn't. You can tell by the way they behave that the qualities they exhibit lead to a smallness of mind, a parochialiam that simply could not have been a part of the people who believed in a Universal god, who were accepting of differences and variety. These two act more those gloomy old Prophets with the Two Testicles, so narrow and "terrible" in their wrath...and not even worth this much bother.

We'll SHOW them what it is to be Chaldean and Assyrian and we'll accept all of our brothers and sisters and cousins, extending the same courtesy to them we ask for.

The rest are charlatans who're not welcome anywhere else, and like our two bit leaders, hope we wont notice what an inferior product they are

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