From aina...with hate.

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Posted by pancho from ( on Monday, February 18, 2002 at 3:21PM :

could you please explain to me how we should all take pride in a muslim owning a huge and grand hotel in turkey?

+++Same way we are supposed to take pride in King Sargon Block in Chicago.

I mean since the turks have done nothing but kill, rape and drive our brothers and sisters out of turkey;

+++The Turks have done considerably more than that...they are not hated by all of our people...ask Thea Halo. Individuals can be horribly mean...look at yourself.

how are we supposed to take pride in some Ahole traitor who converted and thus is living off of the blood of his brothers and sisters?

+++Do you mean the Assyrians who converted to Christianity and are today paying to have their brothers and sisters, and their children, killed in Iraq???

it is interesting how an idiot such as this so called Assyrian Activist comes up here and posts his BS without thinking clearly what is being implied.

+++What you just wrote here comes as a result of "clear thinking" on your part?

tariq aziz has achieved greatness according to many but at what cost? soon the western world will take from him and his buddies all that they stole from the rest of us.

+++And there you have the crux of all this Assrin nonsense and Patrotdoodlism and Assyrianismnoodling. This guy believes the West will soon take away all that was taken from HIM. And give it back to him...maybe??? This is all their patriotism amounts to...a fond hope that THIS time the Western European Christians will finally do the right thing and GIVE him what he couldn't manage to get, or keep in a thousand years. This is the same wishful welfare thinking that got us Simele and fuels the hatred these guys feel for what Islam "stole" from them. And if anyone gave this turkey can bet it could just as easily be taken from him...with him running for his life and yelling for more help.

awaiting your answer


+++Can't give you one there...Peter and Firas want you boys to be shtrong as you can he's decided you have to be protected from Muslims and Assyrians and Cub Scouts too.

+++Your answer lies bleeding in Iraq.

+++note to Lulia...I wont go.

-- pancho
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