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Posted by pancho from ( on Monday, February 18, 2002 at 3:53PM :

In Reply to: look panch posted by Alli from ? ( on Monday, February 18, 2002 at 3:10PM :

: i AM getting laid every night in multiple ways by my boyfriend. & you know, i don't care anymore what people think about me

+++It shows...I mean if anything is clear and drear's that you don't give a give them in dozens and crates and truckloadsfull

- even my parents. i told you it "could" be BS that i was spewing on your old board - but it isn't. it's true - all my "sex"perience is true

+++Hunny...don't look now but your ass is showing.

- & i don't think anyone ought to care, but just enjoy my little life's anecdotes for what they're worth to whoever reads the boards.

+++They aren't worth anything, and makes me wonder if the rest of your ideas and experiences come from the same virginal place.

EVERYTHING i said on that board (outside of the jokes) is TRUE.

+++That's odd...I had the exact opposite reaction.

i just don't want my innocent dad

+++You mean he's NEVER done "it" either??? Alli, there are some things I think they didn't explain to you.

to read what i said & think "ohmygod, she's having premarital sex!"

+++Ohmygawd...she actually said it..."premarital" SEX??? You naughty thing!

but you know, i might not live that long, & i'm pretty happy NOT being married right now, so i'll worry about my explanations when i need to. damnit.

+++I'd worry you are going to wear out whatever part of you comes up with this stuff. Tell yer boyfriend not to be SO HARD and GET OFF alright already!

-- pancho
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