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Posted by Alli Betmyass from ? ( on Monday, February 18, 2002 at 6:04PM :

in the midst of typing up my latest protocol for lab, i had this lapse into sanity, & now i'm writing you a post, instead of an email, to publically announce my goodwill toward you. i don't dislike you AT ALL, but i do like to antagonize you (& you do the same to me) on occasion. i can't spell either. & i DO have a cold, which has progressed very nicely from feverish flashes to sinus & ear infection over these past few weeks (note to germs: grassy-ass, boys! which is Spanish for "thanks a lot; now kiss my ass"). anyway, my brain is afire with silly notions on life & politics these days, & i don't really give a rat's behind what anyone thinks about my notions or anyone else's, BUT i intend on posting my notions because i'm a compulsive, neurotic, obsessive nut (of 1/2 Assyrian heritage... i wonder if it's in those genes) with a few extra moments to write during my day & too much energy on my hands that even a jog in the morning & snuggles with my honey at night can't take care of.

so, my wonderful, warm pancho, i still like you, despite your aggressive male-ness & my aggressive female-ness. & i like everyone else here, too. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......

-- Alli Betmyass
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