The art of justifying war

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Posted by Ir@qi from ( on Sunday, March 17, 2002 at 11:44PM :

I do not have to tell you what a tragedy a new war on Iraq will bring. The Iraqi people have suffered from a Holocaust which killed more than 1.5 million people, a whole generation of Iraqi children is destroyed from malnutrition and disease, not to say anything of the physically and mentally wounded population, or the destroyed infrastructure, the harm to education, historical artifacts, Iraqi resources.....
Assuming that a war against Iraq in 1990 was justified for invading Kuwait (it was not when Israel invaded Lebanon), what the hell is the justification for a new war now ???
It is Israel not Iraq who has Nuclear bombs, and is killing civilians, and invading Palestinian land. Iraq is quite, has been open to reconciliation rather than revenge despite all what has happened to it.....etc
But do not wary they will make up reasons to attack Iraq.
The US is saying even if Iraq accepts the inspectors, they still want the regime to change, so they are pushing Iraq to refuse the inspection, and want war regardless.
If they want to get ride of Saddam, fine why don't they assassinate him ? No one will feel sorry for him or his government, and they have done this else where (Chile), and it should be easier to do with all the Iraqi Opposition they have in their wallet. Why destroy the whole country AGAIN, and kill a couple million Iraqis AGAIN ?
But how can you blame the American administration, when the Saudi Crown prince is making a plan to forgive Israel who is still killing Palestinians today, and give it full recognition from all the Arab countries, only for giving back a land it occupies, when the Saudi refuse to do the same to Iraq which not only has given back Kuwait, but part of Iraqi Um-Qaser town !
With brothers like this who needs enemies.
The Saudi and the Egyptians, among others, are actually playing a part in a dirty game, it goes like this make the war conditional to Iraq acceptance of the inspections, if Iraq refuse the inspections, then war on Iraq is acceptable and legal (this has never been the case for Israel and others), then make the conditions for inspections too tough, too intrusive, to force Iraq to refuse the inspections. This way these hypocrite Saudi and Egyptians look like they are against the war on Iraq, when they are supporting it (this way the Egyptians can get money from Saddam, and the Americans).
The fact is a war against Iraq currently is not justified periods, unless we are law of the jungle is the law of international relations.
The Israeli lobby which is leading the efforts to start the war on Iraq (Richard Perle was again on ABC Sunday...), since they have failed to make any connection between Iraq and the war on terrorism, they are trying to make up a connection, taking advantage of the American people (including journalist and politicians) ignorance about Iraq (some of them can't tell the difference between Iraq and Kuwait), to fabricate a story which will be published in the, what else, the New Yorker. This story talks about a fanatical Islamic group supported by Iran called Ansar al-Islam (also called Jeish Mohamad), and located in the city of Halabja on the Iranian borders (they also have a stronghold in the Iranian town of Biara), and then the author who is a Zionist make the leap of connecting this group not only to Ben Laden, but also to Saddam.
Now Saddam is certainly criminal, but one thing he is not, he is not religious, and his government is secular.
More over, these people (Ansar al-Islam or Jeish Mohamad), are the same people from Halabja, who collaborated with the Iranian army against Iraq during the war with Iran, and let the Iranian army attack the Iraqi army from the back, and Saddam gassed them, and we always hear about it, as "He gassed his own people". Whether these people are Saddam own people or his enemies, it is hard to believe that they, or Saddam are collaborating with one another as the New Yorker is claiming.
If anything these Ansar al-Islam are part of the Iraqi Opposition, just like the other Iranian style fanatic Ayatollah Baker Al- Hakim, who is part of the Iraqi Opposition, and likely to bring to Iraq a rule worse than that of Talaban.
But the American people have never heard of Ansar al-Islam, or Biara, or even know were Halabja located at, and they will be fed this like they were fed many other lies.

to be continued

-- Ir@qi
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