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Posted by Cheetah from ? ( on Monday, March 18, 2002 at 11:16AM :

You get a corporation, say "Money Inc." And it diversifies...has its Financial Division and its Media Division and its Manufacturing Arm. The one part contributes to Democracy by proving campaign contributions, nee bribes. The Media Division prints "news" favorable to its own bottom line while the Manufacturing Arm builds whatever it can sell to an "informed" public.

Along come Terrists...where they came from is another matter. The Fianacial people fund the politicians who agree about "terrist" threats and threats to this and to that. The Manufacturing arm makes product...guns, trucks, bombs, uniforms, K rations, you name it and the Media Arm reports on the "news"...the politicians are creating for us.

Then the Meida runs surveys like, "Are you SCARED yet"? and people call in , "hell yes I'm scared, I just heard a story on the "news". And if people aren't scared enough to move profduct off the give them a "story" about how awful Terrist people are, how dangerous it is "over there" hard and brave our soldiers are...and then you take another survey in the Media..."are you firghtened YET?" and when the work is done right...Product flies off the shelf. It's a perfect world.

And for a bonus, two Americans get killed in a church (great stuff) in Pakistan...a country we can hate and love at the same time...perfect for that Schizoid on your Christmas list. What a friggin surprise...two Americans worshipping in a Christian church in a Moslem country that American Christians are not loved in because the people there don't read the same Corporate Media WE do. And the State Department "warns" Americans everywhere, the Riveria, Ohio, Polar Ice beware...Terriosts are stalking them everywhere on the planet.

Islam, Terrists, Communism, Reds...these are what it takes to get elected to office...that and a lot of money from corporations who will reap it big when they belly up to the public tax trough...and all us dummies will THANK them for protecting us, even if there will be no schools or hospitals or peace or serenity..."it's a DANGEROUS world out there"...made much more so by the same Thugs Inc. that will sell you "protection".

These "threats" are the means by which these guys disguise their screwing of us, the environment, our bank accounts and tax dollars. It's an old trick...Nixon perfected it in the early days of his slimey career. What ELSE did that creep have to offer anyone except that he was NOT his opponent...and he accused her of being a Commie proof needed so ready were people to jump out of their skins because of what the Corporate Media did to them in those days...and they have only become more brazen about it...and we have become even more frightened and liable to be hoodwinked.

For the love of your own children...take a good look around you. This government is MAKING surely as it will sell you the "protection" from them.

Let's send some more American Christians to a church somewhere...more soldiers somewhere...more support for brutal regimes from El Salvador and Columbia to Iran and Iraq. This entire thing was a figment of your imagination fueld by your blood and paranoia and will be paid for by the increased alienation of your own children...their despair and hopelessness...which will also be exploited by the same Corporations who will give them Comedy in place of a soul and shoes where their minds should be...all the while crying that there just isn't enough money to give anyone a meaningful education.

Buy later.

-- Cheetah
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