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Posted by Jeff from LTU-207-73-64-192.LTU.EDU ( on Monday, March 18, 2002 at 3:04PM :

That's my name.


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Written by Jeff Atto on 18 Mar 2002 22:00:36:

As an answer to: Re: Jeff Atto written by Ghassan on 18 Mar 2002 07:24:50:

>Ill-mannered Jeff,

Oh how I love that phrase.

Anyway, since this will be my last message on the board, I am taking the liberty of responding to both your post, and Bassam's.

Bassam's post is below:

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>>>Written by Bassam on 18 Mar 2002 04:47:03:
>>>As an answer to: written by Jeff on 18 Mar 2002 02:38:11:

>>>Dear Jeff

>>>I have discuss this issue with many assyrians and they say one thing...

>>>We are all assyrians no matter what? I believe that such backwardness can not be tolerated since these people have refused to listen other people opinion and read facts from both sides and not just what satisfies their need.

It seems that we have a difference of opinions. The Assyrians that I spoke to insisted that there is no difference between Chaldeans and Assyrians. 99.9% of the Chaldeans that I speak to also share this belief. You must be dealing with a more "extreme" group of people. Thank you for not insulting me in your response... it was very civil and I appreciate that, though we may hold different views on these subjects.

>>>One thing I can garntee that the assyrian name will not apply to all of us (Chaldeans and Syrics) whether they like it or not. I'm simply not against the assyrian name but I respect other names and respect people opinion that they want to be classified as they call themselves.

So, you believe that we should all be called whatever we want to be called, while at the same time acknowledging that we are one people?

I agree.

>>>So please stop showing the wrong side or part of the reality when you know the truth.

What "wrong side" am I showing, and what is this "truth"??

>>>As to assyrianism could you do a search on one of the messages I posted here earlier with the title "The true colours of Assyrianism". May be that will make you realize the true feeling of those people who happen playing a very dirty game of calling everyone "assyrian" even though the other part is not interested.

The other part being the Chaldeans who are not the same as the "Assyrians"... are we a separate ethnic group?

>>>Finally pray that our people will understand the problem and hopefully come up with a name that agree upon it... maybe then we can trust them and work with them side by side.

>>>Yours in Chaldeanism

Dear Bassam,
Since I can no longer post here (well, I can, but it will be immediately deleted), please feel free to e-mail me at or post your response at another forum so that we can continue this discussion. Thank you.

Now, to Ghassan's post:

>As you know you're banned from posting on this forum, and the only reason I have not deleted this post of yours is because Bassam has already responded to you. In other words, your previous ill-mannered messages and private emails would not be forgotten.

Nor will I ever forget the horrible, disgusting, and outright vulgar things that you posted about me (all lies), e-mailed to me, and that you screamed in my ear over the phone so many times.

>One last word, young man you're yet to pass 19 years of age, and you speak and talk as if "you know" the whole Chaldean community and what it thinks of me.

Let's start here:
You seem to be stuck in the "old world" way of thinking.. that is, that your age defines how wise you are. Clearly you and I are a perfect example that breaks this supposed "rule". You have mentioned age in many of your posts against young people... as if their youthfullness makes them somehow blind to knowledge. In the future, refrain from doing this as it reflects poorly on your childish actions in your old age.

As far as myself "knowing" the Chaldean community of Detroit more than you, this should be obvious to even the most dim-witted individuals... even ones with 2.5 degrees. You see, I have volunteered and am acquainted with Chaldeans in the Detroit area by virtue of the fact that I live in this area, and you do not. The overwhelming majority of those that I spoke with (young, old, students, professionals, leaders in the community, even clergy) expressed their complete opinion of you with me, and let me tell you Ghassan... it was never positive.

Of course, I haven't talked to your pals in the Federation... nor will I ever.

> I see in your remarks "a representative" of the Chaldean community letting "the rest of the world" know its views and judgment on who Ghassan Shathaya is and what he represents or don't represent. I am impressed, did the Internet and its allowance of enabling you to talk and argue with adult people throw your ego that high? Amazing what the Internet has done to this world.

I don't quite know how to respond to that jumble of words. Firstly, I represent nobody but myself. Likewise, you represent nobody but yourself, and maybe Bassam. Nobody else in the world... on this earth is represented by you, your website, or your phony news agency.

>I see that your promises of never posting here again are as good as your manners or lack of them.
>ps: you're allowed one more reply here, however, all future posts will be deleted.

You are in no position to lecture me on manners, on politics, on our community, history, or anything else pertaining to life. You are very immature, and hypocritical. How can someone with such a foul mouth who is known from here to California for his two-faced, cowardly attacks and vulgarity lecture me on anything?

You represent no-one but yourself.... you can badmouth good people on this forum, and use it as your mouthpiece... you can write anything that you want on your web site, and you can write all of the press releases that you want... but that doesn't make you a "GRAT LEEDER"... not in the least.


>>Dear Ghassan,
>>After taking a trip to Chicago, I can honestly say that every single Assyrian that I met there (I met quite a few) expressed their sincere opinion that our community is one community of Assyrians and Chaldeans... that is, that we are the same people - No strings attached!

>>These conspiracy theories of yours about how evil Assyrians whose ideology is worse than that of the Arab or Kurdish ideologies will hurt the Chaldeans are just theories... and you do not represent Chaldeans with your web site, nor with your news agency.

-- Jeff
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