Oh Fireworks Over Bethlehem

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Posted by junglest from ? ( on Monday, March 18, 2002 at 9:28PM :

The Three Sisters From Hell are making a lovely spectacle of themselves. God's religion my arse! What a religion to suit an unbelievable madman of a God.

Israeli tanks are withdrawing from the city of the birth of Jesus...killing Muslims and all in the interests of the same damn Christians that tried to cook every last Jew they could get their hands on.

It is an obscene but fitting sight. Man made God in his own image...that's why Yahweh and Allah and God are so damn bloody.

And the "true" Christians are the ones who go along and benefit from the crimes until they get caught...then it's all "THEY did it...not me"...and their callow eyes turn heavenward as the loot drops from their pockets.

Remember the weasley snot nosed kid who tagged along when you were younger and raising hell...he was there for every ill gotten ice cream cone, slug, or stolen candy bar, though he always managed to spout something pious and self serving just before sinking his teeth into it anyway. And when you all got busted, this kid found religion...wept and moaned and said the others MADE him do it...and he slobbered and wetted himself and the cops so that all you wanted to do was forgive his ass and get rid of him before you threw up too. That's the "true" Christian for you.

These bastards have used the simple example of Jesus and others, from the very beginning to cast cow's eyes on you and your wife's ass and your kid's genitals. You really believe Constantine was any kind of a Christian...or the Popes, who now run THE oldest world wide corporation for the stealing of pennies from widows and orphans ever created. Of COURSE they ask forgiveness every ten seconds...who has more need of it?

George Washington told the truth...could not tell a lie...when he was CAUGHT! There he was...axe in hand, the cherry tree cut down and no Christian around to blame it on...so he says, "I did it". Big friggin deal...under those circumstances I could tell the truth too. But they go on about it like he rushed forward and volunteered the information.

Murderous, lying, cheating and raping bastards run the Christian enterprise...as they do in most of these religions. And when you catch the Christians at it, they say, "god forgives"...so you will too, and let them into the house again. The "true" ones hide in the cracks and crevices like vermin infesting a rotten body politic, without which they would have been stomped out long ago.

-- junglest
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