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Posted by Gandhi from ( on Tuesday, March 19, 2002 at 1:26AM :

In Reply to: On Love, and Stella & I posted by Jeff from ( on Monday, March 18, 2002 at 7:16PM :

: Ha!

: I bet you thought that this post was about something else... Fred?? Pancho??

: Anyway,
: Stella and I have this disagreement about our language. She, of course, is fluent beyond all of my expectations, and I have, thanks to her, a 75-100 word vocabulary which I have been working on.

: Anyway, she insists that while our language has a word for love "Hubba", that it is only a noun, and can not be used as a verb. She asserts that if a husband wanted to say "I love you" to his dear wife or vise versa (in our language), that no such phrase exists.

: I, being the aramaic expert and rhetorician that I am, insisted that there was indeed such a phrase (or verb), and that I would prove it by asking family members.

: I haven't asked them yet, but was wondering if any of you could make my day or crush me like a bug under a fat man's foot by answering this question... please?

: It's up to you.

Since I believe in equal opportunities so fuck you All for butchering my Language , my existance and the only think which is been survived ( thanks to assholes like you , you don't know how or what to kid around )

"ana b'khoobookh evan" and "ana bkhoobakh even"

-- Gandhi
-- signature .

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