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Posted by Gandhi from ( on Tuesday, March 19, 2002 at 1:35AM :

In Reply to: On Abortives posted by Cheetah from ? ( on Monday, March 18, 2002 at 7:17PM :

: One final note. Life was not created to give Christians things to fret over. If we go back to the days when abortion was illegal and dangerous and deadly...women will still get them. And many will bleed to death in back alley rooms. No one is advocating abortions as a contraceptive for chrissakes!!!

: When the penalty for adultry was to be tied togethjer and thrown into a river...people still fucked...and many drowned right after. But since that day, men made it a lot easier to screw around.

: Religious people will not admit it, but they think a woman who screws around and gets pregnant AND goes looking for an abortion DESERVES to die! Just as many of them feel that AIDS is the cure for Homosexuality.

: When this country, and the Christians in it, stop executing criminals...including those who are retarded or committed crimes as juveniles...when it recognizes a woman's right to NOT be raped and abused in marriage and allows her to shoot the bastard when he wont quit and the system asks for more "proof"...when the country stops its murder of the dark and lovely children of other people...when it takes an interest in a living child as it pretends to do in that mass of jelly...THEN come crying about human rights and the tenderness of motherhood.

: It's the goddamn father in all of these instances who has stacked the world in his favor. If it doesn't work out quite the way he would like he can get the entire cake AND the icing AND the cherry on top...tough shit for him.

: Remember...God has been a man since recorded HIS-STORY. When he didn't know enough to piss down his arm...he was afraid of and revered woman...couldn't figure out how she made more human beans all by herself. His limp dick was hardly the stuff of epic literature.

: The minute he figured out he had something to do with it...he took over the entire show and said the woman was just a garden where he placed the entire human bean for her to weed and water. Much later he found out how little he had to do with it...and that woman could go all night while he could barely manage it once...and then he invented marriage and "fidelity"...for her.

: Any argument against abortion is just that same old white devil and his minions...none of whom like women or give a hoot in hell for the child.

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-- Gandhi
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