Another Demand That Turkey Apologize

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Posted by junglest from ? ( on Tuesday, March 19, 2002 at 9:26AM :

>My greatgrandfather, two great uncles and several other family members were killed in 1915.

Those who escaped to Iraq then, are being killed today by the United States of America and Great Britain...with the collusion of the United Nations. I understand of course that in 1915 it was the "dirty Muslims" who did the killing...whereas today it is the "dirty Christians" doing it...though you don't admit to the last part of that statement.

It doesn't make much difference to family has been killed off by both of them. I wish they would all stop it.

Why will you people never shed a tear or give a passing thought to those of us killed by Christians today?

Why do you blame the killings of 1915 on "enemies" and say that those of us being killed today in that same region brought it on themselves? If our children were unable to "topple" in god's name are they supposed to topple Saddam today?

I think you are far more motivated by hatred of Islam than by the tragedy of our murdered victims. That's a pity.

-- junglest
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