They Can't Find Them But...

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Posted by Cheetah from ? ( on Tuesday, March 19, 2002 at 4:41PM :

....they seem to know what their plans are. They couldn't "do" anything about Saddam too except leave him there to threaten world securitydoodles with his massdoodles of destructiondoodles. Now it's Mr. Alan Queda's turn to be "elusive" and a world threat at the same time. How dumb are ask?

It takes them ten minutes to take apart Saddam's "amazin army" and five minutes to scatter the dangerousdoodles of "Al" Queda but they leave them "just" barely alive enough to... "Pose a serious threat for a LONG LONG time...and don't you forget it!!!"

I mean COME ON...How come they can't find them but know what they are thinking? They keep telling us they know Al Queda is re-grouping and plans to attack Mrs. Smedley on 4567 Main Street, Dumbsville USA...but they can't find them...are they psychic or what???

And I love Bush scolding the president of Zimbabfuckingwe on the proper method for stealing elections!!!

It's a good thing I'm the only idiot we have to worry about. This is a whole new way for the Brits and Gringos to get away with racism. Strangle and rape and abuse darkies enough so that one or two of them will attack them back...then declare Holy WarHell on all of them at once and forever! All it takes is enough Uncle Tom's, allowed in the front door this keep silent and go along.

-- Cheetah
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