RE:Donkey Rights Vs Iraqi children Rights

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Posted by Gandhi from ( on Tuesday, February 19, 2002 at 9:06AM :

That story came from the time when the mean of transportation in Kuwait was Donkey So the Despered owner was using the Donkey for his Sexual needs too !
After modernization of Kuwait , they imported some of those Italian tricycles with a flat bed made by Vespa & Lamberta motorcycles . since there was no need for Donkeys they let them Go loose and Free!
then it came to attension of local police that the donkeys have turned to become gayes by standing on the corners of streets and sqaures and lifting their tail and starering on bypassers and beging for favers !
So by the order of chief of police they start shooting them with no trial or hearing!
But in many ways Donkey Is Smarter Than many of our Assyrian leaders ! when donkey falls on a road he will never pass that spot in his life time .
this son of bitches are keep falling and taking their followers down the tube ! yet they runing or claiming their leadership!
Touf or ROOGEH to their frogy faces !!

-- Gandhi
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