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Posted by Stella from ? ( on Tuesday, March 19, 2002 at 9:30PM :

In Reply to: You are evil posted by Jeff from ( on Monday, March 18, 2002 at 7:30PM :

: >>>> Listen, that's "Hubba" with a hard h. Some crazy Assrins pronounce the hard "h" like "kh", ... I'll let THAT one pass.

****Yo...only Tel Keffeians have enough balls to say hooba with a hard h and not get their asses kicked. The rest of the world say khooba...I, not being Tel Keffe, am part of the rest of the world. Soooory Jeffe!

: >>> I told her "Dogg. What's up Dogg? I got lotsa Cell Phones Dogg..." She wasn't impressed.
****A gur-ril will not be impressed by a guy with one cellz phone. Now a guy with one cell phone and a couple of pagers clipped to his leather that's what ah'm tawkin' about!

: She said the following:

: Anna Kybennoukh = I want you

***Yeah baby, i know.

: "Heybanoukh" (hard h) = Arabic for "I love you"

****Oh no, Jeffe-jon, its too soon for that.

: Kimwakhshenoukh = I miss you
***You're too sweet

: Kmeythan Illoukh = I die for you...
****You sure know how to charm a girl.

: In closing, I would like to say:
: Kulley Whothayah Hadthakh Meythi

****May they rest in peace...I got a paper cut, does that mean I will end up like them???


-- Stella
-- signature .

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