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Posted by Cheetah from ? ( on Wednesday, March 20, 2002 at 8:31AM :

Have you people any appreciation of much of world history occured in that those very borders? First of all there was Sumer, the first anywhere...then the Assyrians and Babylonians waltzed across the stage...then they produced the Mother of them All in Abraham and sent his diddling ass to the Jews, which he invented from our left-overs...and they created Jesus from what was left over from the left-overs and "gave" him back. Then Islam sprang up from one of those seeds of Father Mother Abraham and Muhammad sent his religion and warriors to face The Byzantines and their warriors and religion on the battlefield of Qaddishiya also in Iraq. And it was in Iraq that the Nestorians and Monophysites came when the Byzantines decided they were too Byzantine...where they fought each other and fought for converts from the Magians and Arameans and us , which set the stage for all of our own squabbling...which was also carried over to Europe where in Spain they would all meet and have it out some more.

It was in Iraq that modern Islam was honed down and influenced by our culture which had also influenced the Persians there at the time of the Muslim conquests. There isn't a spot of ground more hallowed by historical events which have impinged on all of humanity than that one little place between those two famous rivers...which legend says is where the whole shebang started in the Garden of Eden.

No WONDER the United States and Britain and the rest of those blood sucking and horibly violent White People want to grind it into dust mixed with the blood of the people who gave them what they don't have the depth of character to understand. Americans were always proud that they didn't have any "history"...that they were fresh and new and untainted by all that baggage from Europe.

-- Cheetah
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