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Posted by Cheetah from ? ( on Wednesday, March 20, 2002 at 8:55AM :

This has been one enjoyable read. It isn't that I'm rooting for one Sister over another. Rather it is our own indiscriminate championing of Christianity over the others that keeps us mired in a fight that is none of our own...not if you want to get back into the body of Ashur and out of the bloody body of Christ. We are hanging on by one last fingernail in the land of our Birth...and I don't think it is inevitable at all that we should lose that grip entirely. It will merely be the final and predictable outcome of centuries of Christian meddling and doodling in those countries...which you can see playing out all over again today.

One of our several bugaboos is that Islam forced mass conversions on everybody it ran into by imposing the Jizya, or poll tax on non-Arabs and non-Muslims. I have never understood how we can praise a mother who allows her children to be killed
for Christ"...and then commiserate with those who wouldn't pay a tax...a TAX fer chrissakes.

On page 587..."Discussions of the poll tax under Muslim rule are invariably linked to matters concerning the status of the non-Muslim subject population. A.S. Tritton's "The Caliphs and Their Non-Muslim Subjects(London 1930) presents it this way but has been out of date a long time. D. Dennet's "Conversion and the Poll Tax in Early Islam (Cambridge, Mass.,1950) marked an important turning point by effectively refuting the older view that there were early mass conversions to Islam by non-Arab native subjects so they could escape paying the poll tax."

I'll admit I am just as interested in proving our Hysterians wrong as they are in denying history. Aprim and the rest of them go looking in books for what bolsters their arguments, ignoring all else. They would never, ever engage in a discussion with any of these sorts of writers...but they would pick and choose from any antiquated source what they need to believe. They need to believe that everything that happened to us is someone else's a way of justifying their own poor showing in their lives.

I have an ulterior motive as is to show that Aprim and others like him, including all of those among our own people who pat us on the head and tell a kid he is GRAT when his performance sucks...who have vested interests in keeping us infantile so they will not be challenged to do better as our Leeders...that these people are fostering mediocrity in us by making us believe that we were victims...always victims and that we should make something "the best" out of the pathetic spectacle we have become.

The truth is quite different...but that isn't what Aprim looks for...he wants excuses. One of our biggest excuses has been the infamy of Islam when the truth is quite different. But take away that cosmic cop out and you would be hard pressed to explain where we are EXCEPT to say that the meek muddle and humble pie and fractuous infighting of Christian sects from Hell have had far more to do with bringing us so low that a Nimrod is our "elder Statesman".

It sure explains why the very thought of me gives them the fan tods, I wreck the franchise...I give 'em the lie deep in their throats. To achieve much of anything you have to BELIEVE you can do have to think yourself WORTHY in this world by virtue of your efforts to achieve, NOT your status as a murder victim... and your willingness to tackle anything, even your own Peepil, making no excuses, blaming no one else, and taking no prisoners.

-- Cheetah
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