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Posted by Junglest of Them All from ? ( on Wednesday, March 20, 2002 at 9:32AM :

If you are going to present yourself as a female version of a guy who can't get off his own dick...who just has to tell the "guys" what he did with that big boobed bimbo last night...who tries to turn what scares her, and apparently always did, into a cartoon just so it wont remain threatening...then take the heat coming from your own kitchen...and fer chrissakes shut the goddamn oven door, and put a lid on your pot.

No one is trying to impinge on a woman's right to fondle herself in do it all the time, adjusting those BIG BALLS of theirs in public every ten feet. The last thirty years of Feminism did not happen just so you could dig and scratch YOUR crotch. There were some other things that took place in all that time. The whole point wasn't to allow you to be as grossly familiar as any male jerk. Gloria Steinam and the staff of MS Magazine didn't work all those years just so you could be free to be as vulgar as the next guy.

Women STILL don't get equal pay for equal work after all these years...but they DO get the opportunity to grab their groins and talk about it too. I'll admit, it is a kind of freedom...but it pales in comparision to some others you seem blissfully oblivious of.

Get over it...and allow the rest of us to move on.

-- Junglest of Them All
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