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Posted by Cheetah that ate Alli from ? ( on Wednesday, March 20, 2002 at 1:13PM :

Just found out from a friend that Francis the talking Mule Sarguis had taken off after Dr. Eden Naby as well. For those of you who don't know it Eden Naby is a gorgeous Assyrian lady who is as bright as she is damn fine looking. Her husband is probably cute too. He is the recognized expert on Persian History, I think it is and both teach at Harvard, or she did once and he still does, or something, can't quite remember. Anyway the both of them together wouldn't hire Francis to sweep the drive.

I think I figured out what his problem is. Narsai David, Eden Naby...and even yoors trooly...have taken the Assyrian identity out in the world and brought our heritage some distinction AS Assyrians. Francis was a fair to piddling Liar (lawyer) who never did anything anywhere out in the world AS an Assyrian, and thank god for his small mercies!

Only within the Nuthouse called the Assrin Community could someone like Francis "flourish"...if that's what he calls it. Wilfred Alkhase sleeps with him (at his house I mean...I think) and he becomes a cherished contributor at valued that his lies and deceptions go unmentioned while all sorts of other unmentionables are mentioned ad nauseum. Francis is invited to stun Assyrians meeting in conclave or enclave, or was it a Marbella...and he does stun them with a seven part harangue about himself...well that's what it really was. Only among us, and only if we remain childish and pig ignorant can a Francis "shine".

Narsai and Eden can shine on any stage in any arena they have. But to Francis, If they "get away with it"...before you know it people outside will hear of us and come to expect more of what they see Narsai and Eden capable you get the picture and here comes the rub a dub dub. Francis can't even hold his own in public where these others are concerned...and no one is gonna allow him to hold theirs.

It's more of what we are so plagued with already...incompetant Leeders...assinine Experts and a passle of Hysterians who would keep us victimized and slobbering to eternity just so they can "rule" us.

Francis...have you met Alli?

-- Cheetah that ate Alli
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