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Posted by Cheetah that ate Alli from ? ( on Wednesday, March 20, 2002 at 1:25PM :

...governments aren't prone to apologizing for their crimes...against Humanity or their own citizens...including those they stole their land from. The Israelis are an entirely different case and you can run along yipping at their heels for an will only get you even more scorn and disrespect, which come to think of it we might just put to "good" use...having had plenty of experience with that at least.

No one...not the United States, Not Britain, not India, not Germany, not Israel today, not the ancient Assyrians...nobody apologizes for anything. They have all stolen land and killed people unjustly...when could you ever be justified in killing children?

To go on demanding it and protesting the lack of it and complaining about it and whining and moaning about it only continues our status as victims. If it pleases your vanity to be the biggest, damndest, baddest, mostest victims in the world...go ahead. Don't be surprised when this, added to everything else... makes our children increasingly want to have less and less to do with us. In an age when being "empowered" is all the rage...and taking charge of "ME" is so we come crying and whining about a past we want to blame for every dumb thing we ever did SINCE then and continue to do...especially by this cosmic bellyaching of our Patrots.

Get over it alright already. No one is saying it wasn't a tragedy, an unjust crime of major proportions...but you are making "complaining" and demanding what no one has ever given to anyone...a "national ethnic characteristic"...when it should not be anything of the kind.

Have you yourselves never known how sweet it is to stand up and do something against all you have to convince us all that we have been defeated and must remain so for all time by what has happened to everyone in history...but which some have managed to recover and move on from?

Is crying to become our Heritage from now on?

-- Cheetah that ate Alli
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