The Value of Persecution

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Posted by Cheetah from ? ( on Thursday, March 21, 2002 at 8:50AM :

If Assyrians were to be rounded up and sent to camps and chased and harrassed around the world, insulted, vilified etc. there might rise within us a desire to fight back, to work to preserve what is clearly going to lead to our extermination...with no chance for escape.

Some say that is exactly what happened to us as Christians, but I don't think it's the same at all. For one thing, in order to survive as Christians we had to give up almost every vestige of pride and honor and intelligence for THIS earth. What we were left with that was supposed to be of greater value, was the Key to Heaven. We traded all of the things you need to get a decent place on this earth for a guarantee of a good spot in heaven...and we make fun of the plastic keys to Paradise.

We gave up the kind of passion and determination and radar you need to negotiate this bring yourself, your family and your Heritage through all the storms and travails to a safe port.

We took up tools fit only for Heaven. There is just no compelling reason to get up, turn off the TV and go risk anything for "Assyria". The most these other Patrots can muster is a bit of talk...a protest or two...pride at the click of a button. We barely have the energy to make good on the religious promise fact there isn't much on this earth we care about except making money...just like the rest of them all.

Who cares really that the Assyrian Heritage is in danger anywhere? When our Leeders behave the way they do...what can you expect from the rank and file? No one is rising up in wrath anywhere to take these people to task...yet they doodle over church business ad nauseum and none of it means a damn thing for our status here on earth.

It really isn't important enough. Let it die out...we've been trading it in for centuries for a life somewhere else. We are indeed "true" Christians and will get the crucifixion reserved for all such people. After all His father insisted on it...and he told us himself to follow his example, as the best way to show our worthiness. We are not fit for this world except in the dismal position we occupy and fight like hell to remain in.

Having made a mess of this noble Heritage here on earth...we have only heaven to look forward to.

-- Cheetah
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