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Posted by Cheetah from ? ( on Thursday, March 21, 2002 at 2:52PM :

I was cautioned by my lawyer...who I am afraid just can't bring himself to believe me...to lay off of Jackie. She filed a lwesuit against me three weeks ago and though the papers weren't legally served, I told my lawyer not to beat it on the technicality. I refused to "rush" back to Mexico where she wants me to stay.

The last thing she wants is to see the Shumirum go up in San Jose without the benefit of all those amazing contacts she had at City Hall. She sank the thing all by herself because her prize was winning over people downtown...white people...and not getting the monument up. She actually tried to convince me that Chicago and San Francisco were nowhere near as difficult to negotiate as San Jose! Right.

The other thing she does not want to face is the prospect of having me join her club. I went there and asked to join weeks ago and she assured me that I would be sent an application. In spite of the big banner on the place asking all to come join them...I haven't received the application and wont either.

On top of that the three charges she brought in her suit are all bogus. The first claimed that I had not yet delivered a tiny Lamasu sculpture she'd paid for...that was true. I was late because I was broke and just a bit pissed...besides I didn't think she wanted another sculpture from me and waited to pay her back when I could. The lawyer said I should get one to her right away, so a friend of mine who'd bought one long ago gave me his.

I ground the balls off of it though...that's the only kind of Assyrian she knows or appreciates. She told her lawyer to tell my lawyer that I had written "Fuck You" on the Bull and also that his testicles were missing. That's going to be some settlement baby, the Superior Court of the State of California is gonna demand I give Jackie two balls for her bull.

The other charge turned a donation her husband Lincoln made to the Hammurabi Monument, for which he'd asked to receive some future sculpture from me instead of the model, into a "loan". One she insisted she'd asked me to repay several times but I had steadily refused. Lincoln I suppose is going along with this.

The last charge was that I cheated her in a land swindle when she knows better and Lincoln was the one to get mad at ME for not including him...then insisted on coming in, further insisting I handle the transactions and then acting the part of a gentleman when the thing turned belly up and burned us all...including another gentleman. That has now become a land swindle...and she has no documents for any of this, but as she told my TV producer friend...her pockets are deeper than all of us put together. Another friend informed me that where I am concerned she is "unstable" and will do anything and spend anything to get me.

She has told people that on several occasions I appeared at her doorstep begging for help for my family...that she had placed goceries from her own kitchen into a bag for me. You figure out if that is true or not. She has written to people telling them that my own family calls me a crook and on and on.

Am I the ONLY man who ever said "No Thanks" when she slung her ass out at me?

Her lawyer also informed mine that she is prepared to file a suit for slander against me...because I am telling the truth publicly while she, like the Gassman, calls and writes to people behind my back and spreads whatever lies she needs to. My lawyer said he felt he could wangle a settlement but I'd have to keep quiet. He asked for a week...I promised, and I delivered...but fuck it.

Who am I kidding...the Law and courts are not for me...never were. The rules are stacked against you. If I could get these assholes on a stand I know they would be too afraid to lie and we would all hear just exactly what they did. But I have a better way and it wont cost me anything and get me a lot more than money in return. When did I want money that I would angle for it now?

I am more dangerous to them this way. My brain, soul, hands and heart are my best weapons...let them have pockets to China and back. I will tell the turth as I experienced it...I will post her letters here for us all to see. I hope she brings slander charges against me. I'll go to court and defend myself, as I have a right to do. And when she has to get on the stand, let her answer the questions. The things I have to say about her and others are outrageous and true. That's what all this fuss has really been about...I angered these people because I exposed them for what they are, for what they do behind our backs. That's why breaking me was more important than any damn monuments.

Jackie was increasingly frustrated because I wouldn't make a play for her...wouldn't take advantage of all the hints and opportunities she gave me...pressing me to those boobs of hers till I couldn't stand it and truned away on meeting them. She asked me to go to Detroit with her on "business"...and when I wouldn't go, she went and returned by way of Phoenix where she pressed I don't know who.

It isn't that she is a sensuous or Hot woman...lord knows she's as cold and calculating as a woman can be and hold a tampon in place without crazy glue. It isn't sex she wants...it's power and control. She wants to get you to make a pass at her so she can have it to hold over you...Had I been so stupid or I don't know what, as to make that play, I THINK she would have pulled back. It wasn't diddling she wanted, she wanted to have that over me.

Since I first met her Jackie was against any help to Iraq. She used to slam Narsai in front of me...that was another trick of her's...saying he was foolish and being used etc. She claimed the real action was in Georgia where there were also Assyrians and where a "dear" priest named Father Benny was heroically struggling, and he was and he is. She sent him money for his work and cooed and clucked all over him when he came here to visit.

Then one day she shocked me by telling me she was asked by that guy from Zowaa in Iraq, to advise him...that she was "needed", that her insights were "invaluable". Pretty soon she was donating time and money to Iraq and Georgia was out of mind out of sight.

Around then I heard the first rumors about the Jackster doing the Dawg with that guy from Iraq. I put that down to the usual slander made against dynamic women...and besides who cares who sleeps with who...I just didn't think it was fair to attack her for THAT when the President of the United States was doing it, and doing it. I ignored the remarks, even though they came from people high up who ordinarily never engage in these sorts of things...and I don't really care. But what made it ultimately significant was when I realized that in my case too, Assrin Policy was being formulated among the short hairs in Jackies crotch.

Let her screw and unscrew whomever she wants to...but the fact that one guy screws her and another wont, should NOT become criteria for Federation Assrin Policy.

Had I kept quiet and won a settlement, I would have been made to sign an agreement to never mention these things ever anywhere. I would have ignored it. It's better this way.

I don't want Janey and Atour's guilt money and I don't want Jackie's either to keep my mouth shut. Never ever mess with an artist. Sue me all you want to, I haven't a thing anyone can take away from me. My health will be far better served by being open and honest and I will run the best damn ranch in Mexico I can.

To all of you here, PANCHO is back in the saddle...and NO topic is forbidden for any length of time and never will be again...not for those stupid reasons.

Ya gotta liberate yourself first. The time and energy and the rules involved in going through channels are not for me...they also aren't my best outlet. Cartoons, writing, telling the truth when absolutely necessary...and getting on with my life will be the best revenge. I will smash the Hammurabi with gusto.

-- Cheetah
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