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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Thursday, March 21, 2002 at 3:40PM :

If you get rid of Narsai and Eden...as Francis tried to do...at least wound them enough so they'll withdraw and leave the field an easy prey to the likes of Francis...who will be left? Me, I'm gone...from the community I mean.

How can Wilfred justify placing a photo of Narsai on his home page at Zinda...wheedle an interview from him...then refuse to help clear up the slander Francis levelled at him...because Wilfred sleeps with Francis...at his house I mean?

What is it with us?

Remember, we aren't talking about just spreading gossip. Francis went way beyond that. It's the first time I know of that someone has claimed to have his gossip backed up and verified by an outside source...as he claims he called the University of California administration which gave him information about Narsai they never would have...and information nowhere to be found in their files anyway when we demanded an explanation.

This is far more than spreading gossip and jealous rumors. This is a mean and deliberate attempt to call someone in our community and the larger community, a liar and paint him in a light calculated to make him look as disreputable as possible to that classy segment of the society Narsai works in, and from which he is able to pull resources for our people in Iraq.

And what good does Zinda serve if it runs a seven part puff piece on Francis' visit to Marbella, but wont print a clarification of this most false and infamous lie spread by this idiot? Are the peckers of priests and a crook in Australia more newsworthy?

What do we lose if Francis drops into a hole and we never hear of him again? What do we lose if Narsai, or Eden, or both, pull away from our community?

What kind of an ass tells a Harvard professor, EVEN if she is just an Assyrian woman no less, to drop people from her lecture series because they disapprove of that person's handling of a personal matter? What if they had held firmly to their stupidity and not backed down? What if Eden had cancelled the whole thing and refused to ever work with the community again...as she threatened to do? Is that more of a loss than ruffling Nimrods dimrods?

It must be, because these same people come back time and again trying to get rid of the only chance we have for any distinction now...and in the future. If this is the way they are going to treat the few we have managed to inspire...what will others think and do when they learn of the kind of thing they can expect if they cross some Sargon from a village who just got from a tree three months before?

This is insanity...possibly less than the insanity it will take for others to come in and get more of the same...but insanity nonetheless. A Colin Powell considers making a run for the Presidency of the United States and his family and he agonize about what they might be openning themselves up to.

Eden Naby agrees to organize a seminar at a friggin Hotel and she gets that kind of grief! Narsai makes the time from a very busy schedule to serve at no pay and at quite some sacrifice to the time he could use for making more pay...he leans on people he knows and travels and meets with and writes to and calls people...and does this year after year...to have a Francis make up lies about him that an Assyrian "News" magazine will not even bother clearing up.

Are you guys sure we aren't spies against ourselves...set up to ruin us by ruining us? Are we paying us to screw us? Well???

-- pancho
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