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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Thursday, March 21, 2002 at 7:42PM :

I spoke with him a couple of days ago about the situation his son Daniel has gotten into with a phone business thing he and a partner were involved in. Naturally AT&T wants to keep its monopoly on screwing people. They resent amateurs and have bent their considerable resources to make an example of Danny and his friend. This thing will play out in the courts.

I have some comments reserved for Wilfred Alkhase and his Zinda magazine...the rest of you who can't take these things had better switch off right now.

In the first place this has nothing to do with my friendship for Narsai...the respect and esteem I have for him...or his very talented son Danny...both of whom I have known for eighteen years. If Danny was wrong...he will pay for it.

And if there is justice in this land, so will Wilfred Alkhase. This marks the second time Wilfred could have done something to help Narsai's reputation and his work for the AAS. Narsai does not expect special treatment or anyone's fawning gratitude. But to be fair...was it that important to rush out with this news...while at the same time refusing to clear Narsai's own name that the the guy who Butt Fucks Wilfred spread he spreads Wilfred?

Would it have hurt to have written the plain facts that Francis Sarguis fabricated a lie to smear Narsai with? He didn't have to allow me to write, if he was that worried about Francis' no longer coming...he could have written it himself. To refuse to do that, while making room for a seven part bore from Francis, the talking whore, about what he did and said in Marbella last us all the impression that Francis MUST be legit because look...he writes in Zinda!!!

Then to rush in now with this bit of "news"...which while it is certainly legitimate and the light of what else has passed between these players...does seem a trifle unfair?

Wilfred...get Francis out of you long enough to let him join the Jackster in a suit for slander...then let me call you up on the stand and ask you why you walk the way you do. Go on...just DO IT!

-- pancho
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