To The Jackster and her Lawyer

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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Thursday, March 21, 2002 at 8:13PM :

Just exactly where's the slander? Just as soon as we put your e-mails up here we will all see who slandered whomb.

Did you not squeeze the crap out of yourself hoisting me onto your boobs?

Did you not waggle you ass in front of me numerous times when you had me there alone? If it was "friendship" as you now maintain, then what happened...just what did I do EXACTLY that made you "realize" what I was REALLY like...tell us OPENLY.

Did you not say you wanted to take me to attend an NEC meeting of the Federation no less!

Did you not withdraw my "invitation" that wasn't yours to issue in the first the convention at the last minute cause I wouldn't "cooperate"? When you thought you had me bent over enough that I would just have to go all the way?

I don't want to cause Janey Golani or Atour any more pain...but did you not refer to them and their intimate life together, yes THAT, in the most coarse and degrading ways imaginable?

Did you not tell me you waited at the Detroit airport for two hours for Atour to pick you up in vain, and then take a cab ride with such a nice Black man? And wasn't it a lie...because Atour was there looking for YOU for two hours?

Didn't you tell me that a certain neurosurgeon, who shall remain nameless for now...tried to fandangle you up to his room for "room service"...much to your shock and horror? And didn't you tell me things about another ex-friend of yours and his wife you never should have repeated to anyone...especially since you embellished and added onto I found out when I confronted BOTH these people because I began to suspect when I received copies of the letters you were sending about ME to people...that you and Gassman are fuck mates?

Turns out said surgeon has to avoid you...avoid hearing your sob stories about how "sad" and "loveless" your married life is...and doesn't he "want someone"...clank clank?

I will not go as low as you by saying things about your you have about mine to other people. You think because you add sneakiness and secret phone calls to your lies that you are "clean"...because you maintain that poker-up-the-ass diction you call propriety on your TV show...while I tell it up front...even though it shows me in a bad light for knowing someone so low fifteen Benzes wouldn't make a class act out of you nor ten gallons of "Poison" sweeten the stench that surrounds you.

Come and get me toots. Dig deep into that pocket from which you produce the spare change that has turned the heads of the people in your club so much that they would bend to your every whim and make a policy from the waffling of your portentious beehind.

Let's do it in the open...enough of this sneaking around corners. If I am a vulgar man, I am openly so, nothing to hide, no desire to fool anyone or enrich myself or promote myself. The hell with all of us who can't deal out in the open where you have to stand by what you really are and not what you present yourself as.

You are a foul mouthed, foul minded, greedy and grasping vainglorious woman who needs this community of dumb clucks to impress because there is not a thing that is impressive about you anywhere else. I will admit you are good with words...but bad of they cancel out.

Go sharpen your head some more and start digging.

-- pancho
-- signature .

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