I Done Been Sued

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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Thursday, March 21, 2002 at 11:53PM :

What do you do when you can't screw someone...you sue him instead.

Just got handed another supoena...took this one in my actual grubby hands so's it would be legal and all. To my delight the hearing before a judge is set for the 26th of this month so I can make it.

Ya gotta admire her khutzpah though...she actually signed the papers under pain of perjury and two of the four charges are out and out lies. I NEVER borrowed any money from her...and the land deal wasn't a swindle...we all took a chance...eagerly so on the part of Lincoln and she STILL hasn't gotten the figure right...it was 42 grand and not 36. She also wants a million bucks for "slander". It's time to post her own e-mails up here...without the names of the recipients.

It is amazing to contemplate...she writes to people behind my back...as she has made so many comments about people behind their backs...in my presence at her home...and now she claims she is the wronged party because I told the truth in public.

Do you see how this thing plays out? What counts...what really counts to these Leeders from Hell is that you NOT blow their cover. They and we don't give a damn what they actually do...we could care less...as long as the niceties and proprieties are maintained. And that's just how we are going to pass from the stage of history after those thousands of years...wishing each other a happy New Year...crying for our old dead ones...ignoring our young ones...and ever so politely saying and doing not a damn thing about it.

I said I was ready to crash and burn and I gues I'm going to get a lot closer to that wish. Every goddamn thing she did is as wrong as wrong can be...but she has that one commodity that allows her to WOW and bedazzle you all...money. I have none...in large part thanks to her and the Golanis and Nimrod...but I know what happened...I was there...I saw them and I heard them and I can tell it whenever and wherever I please.

I live in Mexico and the internet is international...even if she won the lawsuit what's she gonna gain...how do you squeeze piss from a sculptor? The suit is supposed to scare me into meek aquiessence...deferrnce to her Mightiness. You think it will?

This thing is a whole lot bigger than we give it credit for. There is so much contained in the actions of these people in regards to me, the monuments and my work in general. The idea that we can produce anything of significance if those of us capable have to first kiss the gauntlet of arses placed before us...is ridiculous...and yet that is exactly what they have always demanded...from the Nimrods to the Golanis to Bejan and Lewie...if you want to use the name, exploit the franchise...you have to do it by their rules.

You name me one worthwhile artist, writer, dancer, musician...one with what it takes to make it out there...and imagine him or her taking any direction from a glorified bank teller...which is what the Jackster is.

She used her lawyer...who after all will do anything for money...to intimidate the TV guy just as the thugs in Chicago put the squeeze on Eden Naby to drop me...just as John does NOT want the Shumirum in Chicago or Jackie doesn't want it in San Jose. And her club is indeed HER club...for if any Assyrian in this valley was at least as worthy as any other in her club...I should have been allowed in.

Stay tuned.

-- pancho
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