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Posted by panch from ? ( on Saturday, March 23, 2002 at 9:12AM :

I know Jackie is a liar...a damn fine one too. So do many other people but they are afraid of her, and I can see why.

One of the "charges" against me is my having said that Jackie was negligent in her duties as the president of her Club when she failed to inform the membership of the letter my lawyer wrote to her, as president, before the convention. I said her not entering that bit of correspondence into the minutes...a presidents are s'posed to do, opened her Club up to legal action...which it do.

She had to sign this document in the appropriate spot...and it says there that all statements made by her are true under pain of perjury yatayata. She just let the entire membership of her club know that she is a liar indeed...as I said. I have it on good authority...and the proof would be in the minutes they are supposed to keep...that the Jackster never even hinted that she'd received any correspondence addressed to her in her official capacity as a presidentdoodle...as I'm certain the Federation's minutes will reveal that Atour Golani never informed the Feds of the copy he received. Yet they claim to this day that the entire body voted on those contracts aimed solely at keeping me from selling...another Lie from Assyria. Janey Golani told us at the convention the entire contract scam was Jackie's from the start.

Her way of dealing with her own shambles and foibles is to threaten lawsuits with those deep pockets of hers. I was wrong on one count at least...she WOULD commit perjury. I still feel, however, that it would be a different matter if she had to face a courtroom and judge. Lying one on one is what we all do to each other...and she specializes in.

I think the Jackster, as an only daughter, has tried all her life to best the Guys. I don't think she felt loved as a girl or woman. Some guys want to be women and some women want to be guys. Jackie prides herself on being able to castrate any man. The fact that she picks easy ones, or those already gelded escapes her. I thought Lincoln would have restrained her. He knows damn well there was no loan of $6,000...that he gave the money to the Hammurabi and said he'd wait to get something later...as he knows the land thing was no swindle.

The fact that Jackie can't add, and consistently comes up with a smaller figure for what Lincoln sent to Mexico to purchase land, makes me want to think he doesn't know about this suit business...but that seems hardly likely. I can't figure out why she would lie in so many places, then pick a smaller figure (it was $42,000 and not $36,000)to swear to on the petition. Maybe she just feels more "real" when she lies.

I gave her a bull with no balls for a reason. As an artist I have a sense for what is artistic and right for my work. There was no point in putting balls on Jackies's bull...she'd just bite them off herself anyway...like she's done to so many men.

The Jackster is in the public eye. She is president of a public organization...she appears on her own television show...she promotes herself every chance she gets. As courts have ruled so often...if you want to play out in the limelight, you give up your right to several forms of privacy. If I had gone around to the people she does business with, the companies that buy her product, and told them things I made up about Jackies dishonesty...her inability to deliver...the poor quality of her product etc...AND did it maliciously and not merely passing on what I heard...but with the intention of causing her business to suffer...then I would be legally at fault. These are exactly the things she and Atour and the Federation did to me.

I could care less if Jackie wants to discuss my ass, or tell people I am horny, made a pass at her...make ugly sculpture etc. You can't complain to the courts because people say nasty things about you. In my case I have given my honest impression of what Jackie was trying to do vis a vis her ass and I...as well as writing things relating to conversations we had about my work, not hers...as well as comments she made to other people...which I have evidence to back up.

She is the one using her money to get a lawyer to frame ridiculous charges against me in hopes of scaring me off back to Mexico. I have done nothing to damage her ability to make money in her line work. I may have damaged her image as the Virgin Godess of Assyria, tirelessly working for you little Chitlin babies...hampered her "rise to the top"...but only by repeating what she discussed with me and what actually transpired between us.

She used this same lawyer to hound my TV pal into turning over all the tapes he'd made of our interview. He agreed to send them all to her, said there was nothing at all about her in them, and there wasn't, but she had her lawyer write to him anyway, just to scare him. He called the lawyer, said he would be happy to turn them all over, where should he mail them? The lawyer excused himself and they neither of them ever contacted him about the tapes again. She knew there was nothing on those tapes, or no way she could "demand" them from him. Her point was to scare him...to shrink those balls a little further.

Just the threat of legal action made against someone who owns property or has a job cane be daunting because it means legal fees and time lost from work and family. If there is any advantage to being a poor artist, it's that you can thumb your nose at the Jackster types cause what are they gonna get from you?

The members of her club all know now that Jackie lies, and more than that...she SWEARS that she isn't lying when she knows damn well she is. They can all look each other in the eye, when she isn't around, and know that she was willing to perjure herself cause they KNOW damn well she did not read the letter from the lawyer, or let them know anything. If she will go that far...they could reason, looking over their shoulders at every thought...then what other lies has she been telling that they can't prove as easily.

Left to themselves the Jacksters of the world would get nowhere. They depend on people who can be easily fooled...those who are flattered to be invited to a "big" house...to ride in an "expensive" car or whose balls and souls and guts were sold for pennies long before she picked them up.

Ask Lincoln Bejan.

-- panch
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