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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Saturday, March 23, 2002 at 10:21AM :

I wonder what it's like at the Jacksters lair what with all those spensive sculptures all around the place. I figure she and Lincoln bought around $60,000 worth of bronzes...and I threw in another $10,000. The head of Ashurbanipal she has was appraised at $40,000 and she got it for fifteen. Yeah yeah I know...I should just be grateful I got anything for stuff "no one needs". Still it's true that I wanted to get as much sculpture into people's homes as possible so just enough to "get by" was all I asked for.

Everywhere she looks she sees my sculpture...a reminder of the one she screwed and DIDN'T benefit from. OH look it up!!!

There's the big head of Ashurbanipal in her living room. The Chariot by the front door. A Lioness head on the floor. The Horse's Head watches you from the stairs...the medium sized Nazanene greets you as you make your way down the hall and on her kitchen countertop island is the flying Lamasu...a donkey on a shelf...a smaller Nazanene in their bedroom...why I can't imagine...and the plastic big Lamasu she took home from the Club. I gave it to them but I know she figures they owe her. Not to mention the gift she gave to the Iraqi know the one, and the one she is claiming to have donated to the AAS without mentioning that I donated it to her. Where the de-Balled Bull is I can't imagine...although it WOULD fit sideways.

Per capita...dollar for dollar, I gave a hell of a lot more to "Assyria" than she ever did.

I wonder if she's tossed them all into a closet. Everywhere she goes I am looking at her through my bronzes. Must be an uncomfortable feeling...especialy if as many people praise them as she claims.

-- pancho
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