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Posted by Jeff from ( on Saturday, March 23, 2002 at 7:55PM :

My Views On Present Day Iraq <> <> This is a map of Iraq. The Chaldean villages are in the North of Iraq near the city of Mosul. This is also where the Kurds live. The Kurds are Iraqi Muslims who would like to create their own nation, but Saddam Hussein does not like this idea. So, basically he bombs these villiages with lethal chemical weapons;the same villages where the Chaldeans live. This caused thousands of Chaldeans to move South near Baghdad, while other Chaldeans left Iraq in search of opportunity in America. There are approximately 800,000 Chaldeans that live in Iraq, and 100,000 who live in the United States. These two men started a war against each other. Their war caused my parents and several other Chaldeans to come to the United States. The United States took the side of Saddam Hussein and Iraq, and supplied them with an arsenal of weapons to defeat Iran. Little did the Americans know that Saddam Hussein would invade Kuwait and start the Persian Gulf War. The U.S. heavily striked Iraq, defeated them, and imposed sanctions on them because they were using weapons similar to the ones the Americans gave them. Over one million people have died because of sanctions, most of which are children. <> <> <> Even today, the United States sends planes to bomb areas of Iraq, but little do they know that they harm and kill innocent civilians. It sends chills down my spine to know that this man could have been one of my family members. This poor man may not live because the sanctions have destroyed hospitals and medical supplies. These are the same sanctions that the United States imposed on the poeple of Iraq, not Saddam Hussein. Isn't that ironic. <> The reason that hospitals are suffering, is because the sanctions have caused inflation to rise up the charts. This Iraqi dinar used to be worth five American dollars, but now it is a miniscule fraction of an American penny. Consequently, poeple have no money to buy the expensive bare necessities.. What kills me is how the United States continues to drop bombs on the innocent people of Iraq, and they still impose these brutal sanctions on them, but the root of all the problems, Saddam Hussein, continues to reign over the country with his iron fist. Shouldn't this be a clue to the U.S. that the measures they have taken to contain him do not work at all? They use excuses like how he is very elusive, and how his successor would be even worse, but these are simply excuses and assumptions. Didn't the United States go to Kosovo and completely destroy Slobidan Milosevic's brutal power over the country? Isn't the United States the police of the world because they supposedly help the less-fortunate third-world countries? Well, the United States government has everyone fooled. They are so involved with all matters in all of the Middle East for one thing. It is black, expensive, and most of it exists in the Middle East. The United States selfishly desires OIL. They "attempted" to help a group of rebels and Kurds who wanted to overthrow Saddam Hussein, but when the time came to fight, the United States was not there. They simply bluffed the entire situation. They are happy with Iraq's plight because it satisfies their needs for oil. They are satisfied with a full tank of gasoline, while thousands of Iraqi children die..."So It Goes" <>

-- Jeff
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