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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Sunday, March 24, 2002 at 9:51AM :

You can understand why people began to look at me a little suspiciously. I mean here are the greatest people Assyria ever produced...politicians, business people, money people, all of them presidentdoodles of Universal and International and Citywide organizations...they have radio shows and television shows and they meet in wurld resorts and they meet in Hotels and they have committees and minutes and they write long letters...and all of them are writing to people I know and don't know, behind my back, saying the kinds of things they said and who knows what else.

Who's gonna believe a shmuck of an artist who "swears" in public?

They were upset because I could "do it" out there, while they can barely manage to "do it" to us.

They are liars and fornicators and everyone knows it...but goes right on genuflecting cause they are "all we got"...and all and the best we are ever likely to get if we keep on covering for them. Expose the dumb fucks for what they are...Jackie can't sue ALL of us!!! Her only hope was to cut me off from the community where I might get support...to isolate me in some back alley where her thugs could finish my reputation off. It's as much our loss as it is mine personally.

The one monument I managed to pull off is nothing...not if it's the last. In her letter to the one person Jackster says not to worry, there will be other great artists at the convention...another great sculptor. Really...there was? That woman was "great" because she was okay by Jackie...that was her only claim to greatness and Jackie is telling you all right there what I was saying when I told her to buzz off...that SHE will determine what Art is, what great Art is...that a "nasty" artist is not great for US...where and how a monument should go and any other thing she is so clearly unqualified to decide...and all because she makes more money than the other people in her Club. That is usually the only criteria for leedership we have..."Spare Time".

-- pancho
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