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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Sunday, March 24, 2002 at 10:06AM :

There are so many cute parts in her letters. I like the part where she says it took us 18 months to get the thing done in San Francisco. It took three years to complete the statue that's true. But the process to get it approved took one visit with the Arts Council...and they said whenever we were finished and ready and picked the date, we could go ahead and install it. And Chicago took two letters and we were in.

She makes it appear that the entire process just to get the thing approved took 18 months...therefor it is reasonable that it would take more than four months in San Jose.

I have a letter from Harriet Traurig, the director of the Arts Committe in San Jose saying that Jackie attended ONE meeting of theirs in April, then never bothered to come back and answer their concerns. In fact she did not attend their meetings or answer their questions for the next four months...the same time period she claims she was working her arse off for "us".

I attended one meeting last month...will present what they asked for at their upcoming meeting...and that's all there is to it. The rest of it is just getting the pedestal work done etc.

She lied to all of us...kept me here for four months because she said she could do it by the me to prepare sculpture to show at the convention, asked me to give a talk, planned a get together with the, cooed and cuddled me all along until I realized she was stalling to get me gone so she could "have" the monument herself...told her to forget the monument...and had her decide on the spot that I was "unfit" cause I was unimpressed and "unscrewable".

As they say in Swahili..."from her pooter to you."

-- pancho
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