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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Sunday, March 24, 2002 at 10:18AM :

The things I've said here, I would have no problem with saying anywhere in public and answering to. The Jackster, like John Nimrod, has only contempt for us and wouldn't bother doing the same. We are here for her benefit...she would not ruffle a tail feather for our benefit. The things she says and claims will only be repeated in private. She feels confident making up lies and signing them because she thinks I can't possibly afford to go toe to toe with her in court.

It would be a financial strain and if I let myself go down that road I would not stop till I drove her into the ground. But for what? She ain't worth spit. I can doodle her much better this way. Any lawyer will tell me to keep my mouth shut while the process drags on and I would rather be free, thank you very much. They can keep their "damamges" too. I haven't a thing they can I am as free as a bird.

My children don't need it either. Four years will pass too quickly and the older one will be 18. For get "satisfaction" out of a Jackster or Dimrod or that Pygmy of Assyria Atour Golani?

If you guys want them...take them, they're yours. Okay, they can BE great! Me...i'll deflate their doodles out here and all the time and in any way I choose.

Ask yourselves if I really worked all those years broke and finally came clear only to miraculously decide to wreck my career and my family all by Janey says and Jackie and the rest claim. What they mean is that I refused to go along with their "business as usual" policy wherein we remain barefoot and pregnant and so damn backwards that these people look "progressive"...and they have shown themselves willing to use every dirty trick they could to make sure I paid a high enough price to scare the rest of you. If they can do it to me, who had so much to offer us and showed he was capable and willing, AND they got away with it...what wont they do to any of you if you stand up and speak out?

It is NOT the Muslims today...and we are NOT "Poor" people. We are unfocused and unsure and immature and frightened people...but we have great children with shining clear eyes and they wait on us to show them a better way.

-- pancho
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