Groceries in a BAG???

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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Sunday, March 24, 2002 at 10:30AM :

She doesn't write that in her letter, though she does say I showed up at her doorstep needing help for my family. Actually she showed up at mine needing help with the awful crap she has in her house...all overpriced of course. I took pity on the poverty of her taste and put some sculptures in a bag for her kids to feed their souls on.

But I really like the incident she describes to a pal of ours wherein I supposedly appeared at her kitchen door and she had to put groceries from her own friggin shelves into a paper bag for me to take home. Now I ask that funny or what?

Just picture the scene...the presidentdoodle of the Assrin Club...CFO of a Sillycone Valley Firm...fourteen Benz's in the garage...instead of giving me fifty bucks to go buy some milk for the children...gets out a bag and puts her own cans and bottles in it for me.

She's really laughing at all of us with that story. She knows that image of me would "ring true" with us poor slobs who probably WOULD get out a bag and stuff some pasta in it...and this would be about the best way to make me look as "poor" in every way as she could.

By the way...what you guys got in the pantry?

Let's set up a CARE package program for me...send me your pork and beans, your tired celery yearning to be thrown away and I shall make you free of the things mouldering in your ice boxes.

-- pancho
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