A Fucker By Any Other Name

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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Sunday, March 24, 2002 at 11:34AM :

The Jackster, like Gassman, swears up a blue streak as well. She can go fuck to fuck with the best of them.

It's funny to see her giving my vulgardoodles as a reason to keep me out...say I am unfit. Tell that to all the artists who have ever been blacklisted and blackballed by a culture that is as vulgar as can be...but only behind closed doors, in a church or a nursery where they do any number of horrendous things to children and other innocents.

I am in the best of all traditions when I tell them all to go get fucked...very literary and very artistic indeed.

I was the only one in Chicago who kept my cool. I disrupted nothing...I was commended by their security chief, the Hilton's that is, for the way I handled myself and the local thugs. Even William Youmarran, the security guy for the Federation, the guy who made all the threats, after hugging me in relief when I dropped the charges so he could come out of hiding...who then asked my wife and I out to dinner and who said, "Fred, you didn't think I meant it did you?"...said finally..."man, you are one cool guy." I suppose he meant because I didn't die of fright when he yelled in my face.

I was no threat to anyone...never said I would disrupt the convention...all I promised to do was show up and get what had been promised to me...that I would not turn tail and run from a Jackster...that her invitations were not Assyrian Policy matters issuing from her rank pooter. They were the ones scared out of their skins and breaking all rules of common decency...they just do it in quiet tones to fool you all.

My real crime is honesty.

-- pancho
-- signature .

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