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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Sunday, March 24, 2002 at 9:28PM :

God it felt good. Like freeing myself from shackles. I had to believe that some as yet undesignated Ass would pop up five years from now and ruin this project as well. Better to go Cold Turkeys!

I poured a bottle of premium Narsai's Merlot over his head...drank some myself...poured some more...drank some more. The sun was out, big puffy white clouds above...the vineyards just starting to bloom, a fine carpet of green everywhere your eye could see...birds twittering, absolute silence everywhere else...in the woods you knew the deer were watching...squirells all around...then I reared back and smacked his face with a long iron pipe. His head exploded, the torso tumbled back on the throne and broke it...pieces of his face, stained pink with a libation of blood and tears and wine, fell to the floor.

It should have been a sad moment for me...what was really sad is that it wasn't. I came full circle to destroying what I created because its soul was taken from it by people who have none themselves and don't know it.

I always thought most of Picasso's later output pretty silly...never bought the "cutting edge" thing...it's been dull now for years and years.

There is no doubt he was a fantastic talent. What struck me most about one of his most famous paintings..."Guernica"...showing the bombing of that Basque town by the Fascists on the eve of WWII was that such an artist could be so devastated by this glimpse at what was to come, that for all intents and purposes he came unglued as a Human Bean...and barely held himself together at all by painting what he felt in a heart that had been broken and stunned. I see the artist horrified in that painting...more than I see anything else.

It's sad when you can't be sad when you ought to.

-- pancho
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