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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Monday, March 25, 2002 at 8:29AM :

In Reply to: 'Assyrian Recognition' in Iraq posted by Diaspora Assyrian from ( on Monday, March 25, 2002 at 3:10AM :

"The Assyrian community, including Chaldeans and Syriacs, are the indigenous Christian people of
: Mesopotamia."

+++++We are NOT indigenous Christians...we are the Assyrians of that region who were there long before Christianity came along and turned us into punching bags and floor mats for Yahweh.

"The United States will benefit
: by maintaining a supportive relationship with the Assyrian community in Iraq, as well as the Assyrian Coalition, who have made great
: sacrifices to oppose the regime of Saddam Hussein and will continue to work for a unified, democratic, and secular government."

++++Here comes the Set-Up again. We're right back to Simele and the Levies. This is what my Grandfather, Hakim of the leaders of the community in Iraq that escaped Urmia, a doctor and fighter with Agha Petrous warned the community about when they once more decided to trust the British Christians to do anything but use us some more.

At least the guy's honest...he says "The United States will benefit". That's all this is. Our Grat Leeders have convinced this guy that we would be of great use to American policy...never mind what it does to our people there. This is a great time to let the Iraqis know that the Assyrians living among them, allied with the ones in America, are asking the United States...the people bombing and killing them for the last 13 be of further service to America in return for something that it will now just about kill any Iraqi minister to grant them. You do NOT gain any favor within a country by offering to ally yourself with that countries sworn enemy.

This stuff is the result of the sense of self-satisfaction the guys who buy politicians here feel when they "deliver". What did it cost old Rod to write this letter...not a damn thing. What did he get? Money of course...I mean campaign help. What do the idiots get who paid him? The personal satisfaction of having gotten a United States white politician to mention Assyrians in a letter. Guess what the Assyrians of Iraq will get as a result?

If America supports such a thing it will only be to "benefit" itself. If through some weird accident we should derive some benefit, well okay go ahead and benefit. But if it backfires, like it will, like it only can...we'll be left swinging in the breeze as we ever have every time we believed someone was FINALLY was going to come and do for us what we cannot manage to do ourselves.

Let's sell our children into prostitution while we're at it...we might "benefit" some more.

-- pancho
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