Where Do These Guys COME FROM???

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Posted by pancho from adsl-64-168-26-225.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net ( on Wednesday, February 20, 2002 at 2:09AM :

As an answer to: Re: Democracy is the panacea for the Arab World written by David Thrower on 14 Feb 2002 03:30:34:

>El Grincho, once again it is YOU who doesn't know what you're talking about. Um, question - when did YOU fight in Vietnam, Mr. Hanoi Jane?? Both of my parents were there, and I think I have a little more grasp of what the Vietnam conflict is from TWO eyewitness accounts.

+++I refused to fight...like many of us did...and it turns out we were right, there was no reason and no justification to go kill those people.

+++That's a stupid statement...because your parents were there you understand something? Nazis were parents with children too...I doubt that gave them an exclusive on any insight. Your parents were a part of a group of easily led people who went half way round the world to murder unoffending Vietnamese children...and not much else.

Your "peaceful Vietcong," as you called them, terrorized the Vietnamese people, and judging by your "expert" opinion, not only do you sympathize with terrorists, but also godless atheistic communists too

+++These terms were all invented by America to justify its terrorism. The Vietnamese never attacked that battleship in the Gulf of Tonkin...our own president lied, like this one is doing. Vietcong and North and South Vietnam were all phrases the US made up. The Vietnamese people had been fighting for forty years before America decided to get into the act...to make the people at home afraid of COMMIES!!! as they are now scaring them with A-Rab terrists. First they fought off the Chinese and then the French and finnally the Americans. The Vietnamese people who did NOT collaborate with your parents were the terrorists as were the soldiers in your parent's units from your parent's parent country. America had no business going there, had no business bombing Laos or Cambodia, about which the next president also lied and so did Kissinger. You are apparently even less knowledgeable about Vietnam than you are about whatever the hell else it is you talk about. And it is AMERICA who has been the terrorist nation par excellance in the last twenty years as far as the MidEast is concerned...not the Iraqi people.

- if you like them so well, go to Cuba, and maybe you can tell us how brainwashed by Castro poor little Elian Gonzalez is.

+++You are an idiot...but you are a glorious one. Why do people always have to go places when they question the United States? We were told to go to Russia if we didn't like being lied to by our oficials, and anytime we question anything now we are told to go get a bathey. Why are you people so afraid? I didn't fight in the Vietnam War because I wouldn't have...I threw away my draft card and they tried to draft me three times and failed. I wouldn't have gone anyway...it seems to me your parents were either afraid to tell Uncle Sam to shove it...or they agreed with the idea that when your government tells you to go kill someone, you obey. Ever hear of the Nuremberg Trials.

+++It seemed pretty clear that Elian Gonzalez was being brainwashed by his family in Florida and the Disneyworld officials and plenty of Americans were upset and insisted Janet Reno finally do the right thing and send the kid back to where he belonged. You are easily led by the big nose.

>One of our Falange leaders said once that communism only exists in four places now - China, North Korea, Vietnam, and the American university campus; where do YOU fit, Grinch???

+++ Oh give us a break with your Flange Leaders...never heard anyone so proud of being a plumber before! Go jump in a lake with your commie nonsense. Christ was a commie too. You silly plumbers and flanges still buy that crap. No wonder you're all primed and ready to jump out of your skin all over again. You bore me.

>Your anti-American attitude is not suited for this board, especially if you live here - if you don't like the way things are here, you're welcome to leave, and good riddance. Otherwise, perhaps you and John Walker should become neighbors in prison for treason against this great nation.

+++Well ain't you the goody two shoes wannabe white man. What's the matter...you got dark skin and a hairy arse? There is a long line of fine upstanding Americans in the best tradition of that word who have opposed jingoists like you from the start, especially you guys who want to prove what GOOD Americans you can be. You are slave Americans...not good ones. You would use the Constitution for toilet paper in a pinch. It is you who understand nothing of what this nation stands for...it's just a place to hide your personal inadequacies.

Patriotism is the final hiding place of the scoundrel.

-- pancho
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