racistist person

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Posted by panch from adsl-64-168-27-56.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net ( on Monday, March 25, 2002 at 11:27PM :

Once in a while it is horribly fascinating to see what passes for diologue at the Gassman's Pump. There are so many gems of pure nonsense, like the "racistist" person. Some would say language skills don't matter, and I would agree, except when the meaning behind the words is so damn foolish as to be as incomprehensible as the language used. A good or decent idea can be salvaged...nothing would save the garbage he spews.

They've got these two guys called Gassam Bassan...or Gassam Bassam...and you'd think the place was a school for the "politely" challenged. They seem to live for "ill manners" or the denunciation of bad manners. As if the only thing wrong out there is bad manners and if everyone would make nice...it would be a great world.

None of you know just how foul mouthed and vulgar Gassman is. That's because we pride ourselves in duplicity, which we call good manners. The Gassman has a mouth on him like an outhouse afire, with a mind to match. You have to be "privileged" to be treated to it though...and I don't know yet what I did to earn this rare and stinky distinction.

I'm not a vulgar person by nature...that's why I can do it so well. A really vulgar person like Gassman/Bassman is also usually a stupid lout who can't think fast enough to do much damage. He's the kind that shadowboxes and comes away bleeding.

Only a vulgar peasant such as he is would be so sensitive about the proprieties, as if he knows his filth must be showing somehow and is ever at great pains to keep a lid on it, even to squelching it anywhere near him, as if his filth will be enticed to go out and play.

He is a coward as well and why people allow him to dictate terms to them as to what they can and can't say...what he will allow and what he wont...never ceases to amaze me. If the idiot would once come out from behind his button we'd undress him quickly enough, slap that round bottom of his and have our way with him.

It was with great sadness that I saw Raman over there, sparring with the Drag Queen of Chaldea.

Jeff: Can't we please be NOT the same?

-- panch
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