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Posted by pancho from ( on Tuesday, March 26, 2002 at 7:55AM :

Those who don't know the entire story need to know that prior to the convention last summer I never mentioned anything to anyone about Jackie...never discussed her privates or our relationship ("He said we had a RELATIONSHIP!). It was only after she put the squeeze on Lil Abner Golani to keep me from selling or even coming to the convention that I started writing about her.

I warned Jackie two years ago, the first time I caught her lying not to do it to me again. She did it again when she told us all she was working SOOO hard for "us" to bring the Shumirum to San Jose, when she wasn't... only waiting for me to get to Mexico so she could pull a "Nimrod" and bag the monument for her own glory, that I took it away from her and set her into perpetual motion.

The first time she lied to me was when she took it upon herself to tell me that Father Benny had given the green light in order for us to move forward with the graphic design work for the Christmas cards we wanted to make from drawings made by Assyrian children in Georgia. Homer Yonan was going to do the work and when Jackie told me Father Benny had told her we could proceed, I called Homer and said all was clear and for him to get moving. We were in a rush because the season was rapidly approaching.

Jackie told me directly that before boarding a plane in Detroit, Benny had spoken to her on the phone and said all was well and we could proceed. Apparently when he arrived in San Jose he informed Jackie that we could not make the cards, that Mar Ibrahim, the Head Coach of Chaldeans in Detroit, had axed the project. Jackie had not spoken to Benny, obviously, but had assumed he would have given the okay and told me to proceed based on her assumption that Coach Ibrahim would not begrudge us the few bucks we would make for the children in Georgia from selling Christmas cards. We were all putting in our own money, Jackie, Walter Ebrahimzadeh, Homer...only I was raking 25% off the top. She had acted in good faith believing there could not possibly be any opposition. I certainly don't fault her for being bold.

The problem came when it was time to fess up. She called Homer and told him to stop, she didn't call me. It was left for me to find out when I received no call from Homer telling me the work was done, as I was waiting anxiously by the phone to take the disc he was preparing to the printer. When I finally called him, he informed me that he had not done any work because Jackie called to tell him I had acted on my own...that I had not received permission and that she certainly had not given any because blah blah. This soured me in Homer's eyes because I was made to appear to be a rank opportunist who was trying to get rich off of cards made by Assyrian children.

I was a bit stunned by Homer's cool attitude, but realized later it wasn't his fault. He'd known Jackie longer than he knew me...she was his "friend" and besides, she drove a Benz, had a Rolex and I was a lousy artist and you know what kind of a bum would come back to rip his community off by playing on their emotions.

I called Jackie to see what could possibly have happened from the time Father Benny got into an airplane in Detroit and landed in San Jose, for I believed at the time that she had spoken to other words I believed her. I said to her, "Jackie, you told me Father Benny gave you the green light when you spoke to him, what changed"?
Her response was, "Me, I never said that". It was such an outrageous lie that I said nothing...too stunned by her bald facedness to continue. What would I do, say "Yes you did!" which she would have replied, "Did not!"...then what...have me say, "Did too!"

A few days later I faxed her a message at her office stating that we both knew the truth of it, that I would let it go this time, but never do it again. She had simply not wanted to admit that she'd made a mistake, that she had, quite naturally, believed there could be no problem...had more than likely not spoken to Benny at all...and had pretended to because she could not, or did not want to be seen, as taking the responsibility, just in case.

At this time I want to point out that "covering your ass" is a figure of speech, and it isn't my fault that her figure inspires this sort of speech...but "cover her ass" is exactly what Jackie did. Rather than saying, "Jeez guys, I never dreamed Coach Ibrahim would object and when I couldn't get a hold of Benny, said I had spoken to him in order to give you guys the impression that the coast was clear...egg on my face, I am sorry, but it was for a good cause."

Instead she added another lie and in the process ruined any chance for me to make cards, because after Walter crapped out over the conflict with how religious the greetings should be,and now that we couldn't use the drawings from Georgia...I got my children to make some nice drawings and tried to get SOMETHING made with which we might raise some money for Art supplies for those children we all should have been helping all along. But by then I think Jackie had given Homer the impression that I was not to be trusted...she alwyas did "her friends" to mistrust one another so that the one person everyone trusted was Jackie...and she was the ONE person to steer clear of, and everyone would have if she had been about as broke as the rest of us.

Her second lie to me was the last one she would get away with without a fight. It was only after she began writing some more lies to people, trying to destroy projects as Nimrod had done when HE couldn't screw me, that I started to lift the veil on that Redoubtable Rump.

She thinks her deep pockets are gonna save her. Hell she'd pay out gladly to have me keep quiet and that would have been the central demand in any "settlement". I wasn't going to settle with anybody...I was going to insist on a full trial just to get the woman to either expose herself for what she is, or force her to commit real and honest perjury.

Don't want her money...will take her hide instead. Everyone in her club is reading here and she has to know that as she walks towards people they are looking her in the eyes, but as she walks away they are contemplating her arse. She had grand ambitions to use our heads as a launching pad to a career of political mischief...she'd be great at it....and now her coin is devalued in San Jose...and I have only just begun.

I told them all...there is no such thing as "bad" publicity for an artist. The fellow who painted the Elephant Poop Madonna, as well as the trustees of the Brooklyn Museum and the sponsor, Saachi, must have been thrilled beyond measure when all that fuss was made about an otherwise obscure event.

Our readership here has spiked upward and will only grow as people tune in for the Jackster's Arse Chronicles. "Will she be able to get a restraining order...will the court rule in her favor...can he be silenced...will she restrain her arse"? In time as word gets out, all of San Jose will be they are in Holland, New York, Australia, England, Saudi Arabia, Jordan etc. That arse of hers will be famous by the time I get done with will "precede" her which is about as much of an accomplishment as she will ever be remembered for.

This isn't personal at is business. We have to let these people know that their "status" and certainly their spare change or sexuality or the lack thereof, will NOT form the basis of Assyrian Policy any longer. That they may not make fools of us simply because they dress well while doing it.

Not being able to make any more monuments for us...I will make monumental horse's asses of the leeders we have had, who have led us to this dismal pass. It's a lot cheaper...less strain on my back...and a whole lot of fun. I still have Jackie paying for my monuments...for my work in making her the monumental Ass she is...installed and exposed in puiblic, as all monuments should be, for the edification of us all.

-- pancho
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