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Posted by pancho from adsl-64-166-22-162.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net ( on Wednesday, February 20, 2002 at 4:14PM :

Zinda, the frothy tabloid of Assyria sez...

It is our hope that after the demise of Saddam Hussein all Moslem and Non-Moslem citizens of Iraq will work together to build a better future for every Assyrian, Kurdish, Turkeman, and Arab person in that country. Nevertheless we must also heed the lessons from the past and remember the acts of violence committed by the Moslems against the innocent Assyrian population. Until peace is restored in the Assyrian homeland, it is our obligation to serve the Assyrians in Iraq with our grass-root activism in the West, informing our governments and the citizens of the world about the political struggle of the oldest Christian nation in the Middle East and the only indigenous people of Iraq - the Assyrians.

Please act now and send your first letter today!

+++Never mind all the atrocities committed by the Christians against the Muslims of Iraq for the last 12 years and counting. We, like the United States, only consider our own dead and injured important, worthy of being remembered or greived over, or avenged...the hell with the rest of the people in the world.

+++This is the tail end of an editorial urging Assyrians everywhere to rally behind the efforts the West is supposedly going to make to topple Saddam. In the first place, they put him there, and if they are done with him...he will have to go. The fond and idiotic wish of every Assrin is that the West will FINALLY make good on all those promises and ...look out for our welfare...State.

+++This is what led to Simele...and keeps us the objects of suspicion in the MidEast. It isn't enough that we sit in America paying for and cheering on the destruction of Iraq...while sending Jello and Kool Aid to the folks back home...and expanding upon and trumpeting to the world every instance of abuse in Iraq...a nation BEING abused and fighting for its life as the world watches it bleed...but we rise up in hopeful joy at the prospect of a completely illegal proposed attack against what we otherwise call, "Our Dear Homeland"...an attack in which again countless Assyrians might yet be killed...and after which the Muslim majority will remember that they, and we, supported this illegal action.

Iraq has never attacked the United States...never. It has fought back when it was attacked...as America has and others will always do, and it has a right to do also. Iraq attacked Kuwait...not the United States. As much as America deplores these sorts of things, when done by others, it can hardly claim innocence in an area it has given itself complete freedom to act, I mean the attacking of any country and people it feels like attacking...and who cares that it gets "permission" from its allies? A Gang of them makes it okay?

+++Who gave America the right to decide that because its business leaders were terrified of the Communist ideology, they could then use "Fear" of that ideology as a pretext to attack and murder and set up puppet murderers in any country it chose...countries that just happened to have the raw materials and resources American business wanted anyway, and at bargain prices promised to them by any number of sleazy and bloody tyrants they imposed on their people and called "Anti-Communist"...and who turned out to be "pro-America" long enough to enrich them both and do away with any and all legitimate opposition. They've done the same thing now for Iraqi oil...and Terrizm is the excuse they use this time.

+++We are, once again, giving the dominant majority we live among...I mean the Muslims of the Mideast, every reason to suspect our loyalty. They can be even more justified in thinking that a secret group, easily identified, within their own borders...are supporting and giving comfort to the forces or force massing at their borders for an unjustified attack against THEIR nation.

More and more Europeans and others are beginning to see this War On Terrizm for what it really is...a way cooked up by this presaident to increase his popularity and keep us from seeing what a clown he is, how his party stole the election...and most importantly, a cover under which they hope to install enough judges and other politicians and ambassadors with which to do the REAL business of America.,...the expanding and accumulation of even more unholy profits. People who are privy to a lot more information than you or I, are begginingg to pull back from this blatant attempt at more neo-colonialism and hate and fear mongering.

+++Some are becomming wary of being drawn into what amounts to the response to American terrorism for the last few decades against the Muslims of the Mideast. They don't wish to become dupes and slaves to America's war for profits.

But, like the dummies we have ever been...we are going to trust in these promises and help identify which among our people, and other opposition groups, should once again be trimmed and weeded out. No wonder Christians in those countries aren't trusted. Just how do you think Americans would respond to calls for further attacks on America by a Muslim minority in New York?

-- pancho
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