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Posted by pancho from adsl-64-165-199-224.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net ( on Wednesday, March 27, 2002 at 0:31AM :

It's hard to believe that after one year and more...the idiots at Gassman's place are STILL having a go at each other over their names...none which any of them could prove to anyone in here, or anywhere else.

What will change in the next year...what will change after five or fifty years? There's hardly going to be any proof added to the debate...just more of the same repetitative statements, sly innuendo, heavy handed jokes and puns and on and on again.

But...it DOES give them the impression thay are doing something because they write "so much" about it, and sweat and fume and grunt. It never crosses their minds to ask where they can possibly go with this...and I don't think they want to go anywhere...for if the point was settled, then what? After all is said and done and we are all Rabbits or Ducks...what do we do about it? About our status in the world today.

I think their entire point is NOT to do anything...and never get into any position to do anything. That's why Gassman championed Andreas...he was another one who managed to get us chasing our tails.

This is their agenda, their purpose. Gassbag knows he will never settle this "debate"...has no intention of settling it. That's why it's so charming to see these guys redouble their efforts, like THIS time they have the answer...only to take off on another round...as there is no substance to any of it.

Being disruptive is their entire purpose and nothing frightens Gassman as much as the thought of all of us actually coming together and putting aside this "hot" topic of what goes on our tombstone. Come on...surely everyone MUST see it by now?

-- pancho
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